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EXCLUSIV: Short interview – Feminnem

EXCLUSIV: Short interview – Feminnem

Feminnem au fost, pe langa reprezentantii Romaniei, favoritele mele din acest an al Eurovisionului. Pamela, Neda si Nika au reusit ca prin vocile lor superbe, prin aparitia lor total speciala pe scena si cu piesa “Lako je sve“, una dintre cele mai frumoase balade ale acestui an, sa convinga, ba mai mult, sa ajunga la inimile publicului si sa isi faca, pe aceasta cale, fani in toate colturile Europei. Pentru aceia dintre voi care le-ati sustinut pe fete sau carora, pur si simplu piesa “Lako je sve” v-a atins “coarda sensibila” am realizat acest scurt interviu cu cele trei Feminnem. Iata ce ne-au declarat;

1. Hello girls and thank you for accepting sharing this interview with us. First of all, what is your general impression about this year’s Eurovision festival?

It was great in Oslo. We were glad to be on Eurovision’s stage.

2. Many people say that you didn’t get to the final because you represented a “danger” for the German team. What is your impression about that and what do you think about Germany winning the competition?

Germany’s song is great. We weren’t really competitors for them.

3. What importance do you think that the look of an artist has, in conquering the international music stage?

It is the voice that makes the difference, not the beauty.

4. “Lake je sve” is surely one of the strongest songs that Croatia has given by far. What is the message of this ballad and why did you choose to record it in three languages?

We wanted to make it on 3 languages because we wanted everybody to understand us and our love message.

5. Does the name of your band “Feminnem” together with your music may be considered as an international message for all the women?

No, we haven’t thought about that when we chose the name of our band.

6. Feminnem group has passed through a lot of musical genres. Still, which one do you think that represents you more?

Yes. I think latino and ballads.

7. I’ve heard that you are preparing to launch an album in English. Tell us more about it, the people you have worked with and why English? Is it an easier way to get on the international music market?

Yes. we are working with Branimir Mihaljevic on the album… on english because it is the most important musical language.

8. What do you think about the online promoting and the music sold online?

It is the future of the music.

9. How does a common day of your life looks like and how are Pamela, Nika and Neda, the females behind the stage?

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We are practising, going to town, having fun, common things, you know:)

10. Where can your fans see you or meet you around the world? How does a Feminnem concert looks like?

You can meet us on concerts. where everybody are singing, us together with the audience… After the concert we receive a lot of teddy bears:)

14. How much do you know about our country, Romania, and the music industry around here?

We dont know much. but we want to visit your country as soon as possible, maybe in a concert.

15. Share us a message for all your Romanian friends and supporters!

We love you all.. tnx for the support. Feminnem?

Thank you, girls!

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