EXCLUSIV! Interviu Eurovision 2012: Izabo ( Israel) – ” Credem ca lucrul fantastic cand vine vorba despre muzica este ca fiecare intelege ce vrea dintr-o piesa”

Israel lanseaza provocarea la Eurovisionul din acest an, care mai are doar o saptamana pana la debutul primei semifinale, pe 22 mai, cand ii veti putea vota si voi.
Pe scena de la Baku excentricii membri ai trupei Izabo, care sunt deja muzicieni experimentati, stilul lor de muzica variind de la indie rock pana la disco ne vor canta despre timp ( “Time”) pe un stil usor retro – modernist si spera sa adune cat mai multe voturi de la voi.
Pana atunci iata ce am aflat despre Izabo, intr-un nou super interviu in exclusivitate pentru Star Gossip;

1. At what age did you discover that you have a talent for singing and songwriting and how did you find out?

Well, It’s not an easy question, we are 4 people in the band so each of us has a different life story, but all of us started playing an instrument at a really young age. Music, music was always in our lives since we were kids!

2. What is the most important thing to you that the audience understands your music and the feelings within it or to take from it what they want?

I think that no matter what you do, the audience will never take what you are taking from a song you wrote, everyone has a different life story and different words or emotions take us to different places. thats the most amazing thing about music though. that you do your own thing but once its out there, it’s everyone’s thing…to do what they want with it.

3. What are your long-term career goals?

We would love to keep playing music, being Izabo. spreading the music as wide as we can and being able to go on stage everywhere.

4. Do you have any plans for a new CD release soon? If so, can you give us some insights?
“Life is On My Side” is our 3rd and new album, the album is being released in the UK on May 21st. we are planning to of course release the album in the rest of Europe followed by the UK release.

5. What is your favorite track song from your national songs that had participated in Eurovision until now?


6. What do you think about Romania’s song in Eurovision this year – Mandinga – Zaleilah?What things do you know about Romania?

Sadly we haven’t heard the song just yet! we couldn’t find the time to sit down and listen to everything. but about Romania everyone is Israel knows, So many people here came from Romania, or their families came from Romania…so i think our vote is secured for you hehehe

7. What do you like to do for fun apart from music?

We each have our own thing. the guys, we love watching football! playing pool. and eating. Hummus mainly! Shiri, she is a wonderful Yoga teacher.

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8. Can you tell us a bit about your song and the message that it shares? What does it make it original from all the other participant songs this year?

I think what makes our song a little bit different is not a huge statement in the lyrics. which are pretty simple and easy to relate to. Its more of the sound that we have, that we understand from feedback that is not the usual Eurovision songs style. but thats great! we love being different!

9. What do you think about performing on the Eurovision stage this year? What is your worst fear about it?
Not thinking about fears!!! it will all be ok hehe…just have to take it easy and enjoy ourselves

10. What do you think about the history of this competition? It evolved or not throughout years and why do you think that?
I think the competition, just like our generation, is evolving. if it’s going to better places – well, thats a matter of taste. Us personally love the 70s and 80s, and less whats going on right now on the radio. same for eurovision. but everything is a phase. Whats outside now will be the most popular thing in a minute, thats how it goes.

11. What do you like the most in this competition?
It reminds us of Sports. Many countries, good vibe, see who wins.

12. What would make you happy this year, talking about Eurovision Song Contest 2012?
I think, just being pleased with our performance this year will be amazing.


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