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Fresh single! Dj Layla & Dee Dee – “Born to fly”

Fresh single! Dj Layla & Dee Dee – “Born to fly”

A trecut ceva timp de cand nu am mai auzit un single al frumoaselor Dj layla si Dee Dee in formula completa.
Insa astazi iata ca cele doua revin cu o noua piesa productie Rassada Music.
“Born to fly” este o piesa ce te face sa visezi si pe care nu ai cum sa nu o ai pe repeat:)
Piesa a fost lansata astazi in cadrul matinalului Neatza cu Razvan si Dani.


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Cu ceva timp in urma le-am “dezbracat” de amanunte din viata lor on si behind the stage pe Dj Layla si Dee Dee. Remember?

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  • True never seen the main characters in caotrons die in shows between mid 80s and 90s. Pretty shocked to see that Nabu died! It tore a piece of my heart out because he and Layla were a wonderful, promising couple. Inspiring as well. Also, Layla is one of my favorites. Gauging on the reactions of everyone after Nabu’s death or eternal sleep , it is more of a conclusion that he died and that his spirit was there watching the girls perform. Based on the awakening wording, I’ve heard this term used for people who have died in a form of a funeral or get together, I believe. Don’t quote me on this. Just my observations.If Nabu is truly dead, I will miss him from Winx and the marriage he and Layla could have had.

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