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EXCLUSIV! Interviu Faydee @ Star Gossip Magazine – “In curand voi lansa o piesa impreuna cu un artist important din Romania”

EXCLUSIV! Interviu Faydee @ Star Gossip Magazine – “In curand voi lansa o piesa impreuna cu un artist important din Romania”

Cu o singura piesa, “Laugh until you cry“, cantaretul de origine australiana, Faydee, a ajuns in heavy rotation la posturile de radio din toata lumea, fanele sale fiind din zi in zi tot mai multe.

Artistul a sustinut un super concert weekendul trecut in clubul Le Sinema din Timisoara unde a fost intampinat de o mare de aplauze si de suspine din partea domnisoarelor prezente la eveniment.

Echipa Star Gossip a fost prezenta la conferinta de presa si la concertul sustinut de Faydee in Timisoara, si a reusit sa ii ia frumuselului artist un super interviu in exclusivitate.

Tot ceea ce va doreati sa aflati despre preferatul vostru, Faydee, puteti citi in continuare:

Which was your biggest dream when you were young?

I discovered my biggest dream when I was 13. Since that age I discovered that I wanted to become a musician, at that time I have mentioned it to my mom and she didn’t take me very seriously.

What was your biggest fear about getting into this music industry?

I thought it would happen much quicker that it did, ‘cuz when you’re young, you are very naïve and you may think that things comes very easy but it didn’t for me. You have to work really hard with you dream, I worked really hard to get here.

Do you have any time for your personal life?

The more success you have, the hard is to get free time, but as much as I can, I try to focus on family, friends, practically trying to get my personal life back, but still living my dream. Whenever I can I just put a movie and do nothing, just chill out.

Emotions on stage – can you describe them?

Adrenaline! It doesn’t matter if I’m sad, sick or whatever; when I’m on stage I’m someone else!

Most of the artists prefer small crowded concert, what’s your opinion about this?

I really like small concerts, ‘cuz I like to interact with people, not me just standing there and people just watching me, cuz I want to be an entertainer, want to be part of the crowd.

Is there a thing, a bad one that you would change?

I’m a good boy, if anything comes out, I try to be the best person I can be; we all make mistakes, we are human. If that will happen, I’ll just address the problem, the truth is the truth, just express your feelings and move on.

Funny moments on studio recording or video filming on your last single “Laugh till you cry”?

The last single wasn’t supposed to be a single. “Laugh till you cry” it should have been a song just for my friends and a buzz for internet. We first release the song in Australia, then it got bigger, and here we are. It’s a song in which a pulled my heart out.

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Do you prefer to sing other composer’s song or your own?

If someone else’s song is one I can relate to, yes, but I do prefer writing my own lyrics. At the moment I’m focusing on my solo carrier, time comes and goes. Now I’m working at the new single with someone from Romania, a great artist.

Do you prefer the old school CD sales or the internet sales?

I do prefer the old fashion, cuz I feel like, you get to go to the store, buy CDs, you do know what is going to happen, but at the same time it’s a great thing to sale your music on Internet, cuz you can share a lot of information and talk to fans easier.

A message for our readers.

I want to thank all my Romanian fans, I have been enjoyed all the tour and I hope I can come back very soon.

Faydee are acum un nou single, “Unbreakable”, cu care spera sa atinga succesul primului single. Like?

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