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EUROVISION 2013 EXCLUSIV: Interviu Takasa ( Elvetia)

EUROVISION 2013 EXCLUSIV: Interviu Takasa ( Elvetia)

Takasa, cunoscuti drept Heilsarmee, au participat la selectia nationala din Elvetia , reusind sa se califice in finala. In urma votului online organizat de televiziunea nationala , trupa a castigat, primind 37% din voturi. Grupul este format din 6 veterani de razboi. Pe data de 17 decembrie 2012 EBU a anuntat ca trupa trebuie sa isi schimbe numele pentru nu a incalca regulile concursului. Astfel, Heilsarmee a devenit Takasa.
Afla totul despre cei sase „soldati” de pe campul de batalie al Eurovisionului din acest an dintr-un nou interviu in exclusivitate marca Star Gossip.

1. Hy, guys! For the beginning, tell us more about how six veterans decided to make music and, moreover, to present themselves to the most important European music contest?

We are not veterans. It is a group that spans over generations. Takasa is made up of six individuals for whom music is a passion. Sarah is 21 years young, and Emil celebrated his 95th birthday in February. They are brought together by a shared love of music and belief in God – both of which they live to the full in their devotion to the Salvation Army. Katharina, Sarah, Emil, Michel, Christoph and Jonas are as happy playing their music on the street as they are in church, as comfortable in a prison as they are in the Federal Parliament Building. Takasa’s journey will now take them on to the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

2.The rules forbade you to come on stage with the first chosen name – Heilsarmee. How this affected you? Have you chosen a second name for the band, how satisfied are you with it?

It was not easy to replace the name and uniforms because the band needed a new concept. Under the credo „Together we’re one” a new classical white/blue outfit and with the name „Takasa” a new concept was developed. We are now happy with the new identity and think it represents the winner of the Swiss show and the group of the Salvation Army well.

3. Which is the message of your song, „You and me’, will it be promoted also as a single?

The song intends to spread positive emotions and feelings and therefore fits very well into the Eurovision Song Contest context. The contest intends to connect cultures and people and that’s what we do and believe as well. We believe that only supportive relationships can last in the long run and finally create a healthy community. It’s about respect, trust and love.

4. Tell us more about the show you will perform on ESC 2013.

We are now working on the performance for Malmö, Sweden. Because had to change our name and uniforms we have to recreate a new performance that is modest and authentic. This was also the plan for the Swiss final show. We don’t want to lose our identity. We are positive and still feel a lot of motivation. Our goal is: Switzerland 12 points!

5. Which are your future plans, after the moment Malmo 2013?

Vezi și

For the band was founded for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and the success was immense we think that Takasa will have a future. We want to spread a positive message among generations. Winning the Swiss competition to find the country’s Eurovision entry for 2013 inspired Takasa to make an album of music for Europe. Together with the successful Zurich-based Hitmill production team, which wrote “You & me”, they put together a unique CD in just a few short weeks. Once again, it takes up the theme of building bridges and finding common ground. In keeping with this philosophy, the new songs were not recorded by Takasa themselves but, following their lead, by a variety of Salvation Army groups from all over Europe which came together especially for the project. As a result, the album features the typical folk sounds and instruments from the countries from which the bands come. Of course the CD would be incomplete without “You & me” – this time in a unique “Europe” version, performed by musicians from 14 different European countries.

6. How far did you get to know about Romania by now and what is your opinion about our music and our country?

Romania is the neighbour country of Hungary. As the Salvation Army is made up of Territories around the world, Swiss Territory includes Switzerland, Austria and Hungary. We therefore see Romania as our neighbours and because we know a lot of Hungary and therefore about the life in Eastern Europe. We always felt very welcomed by Eastern European countries and think that we can learn a lot from that. Families and communities are highly valued and thus our credo „Together we’re one” fits to the life style in your country well. Since today we know that Romania and Switzerland will be neighbours in the Semi Final in Malmö as well. We wish Cezar all the best and are looking forward to meeting him and his crew in Malmö!

7. Share a message for our readers and your Romanian admirers!

„Together we’re one” – we love you! – God bless you.
Your friends, Takasa

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