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EXCLUSIV EUROVISION 2013! Interviu Valentina Monetta ( San Marino) – “Beatlesii au spus Let it be, eu spun Vola – Sa zburam”

EXCLUSIV EUROVISION 2013! Interviu Valentina Monetta ( San Marino) – “Beatlesii au spus Let it be, eu spun Vola – Sa zburam”

Valentina Monetta se afla la cea de-a doua participare la cel mai important concurs muzical european, Eurovision. De data aceasta cu o piesa superba, “Crisalide“, compusa de Ralph Siegel. Valentina a mai participat in 2011 la Eurosivion, cu piesa “The social network song”, care nu a scapat de controverse, dar care a ocupat locul 14 in semifinala, cel mai bun loc pentru San Marino, cu 31 de puncte, cel mai bun punctaj pe care l-a avut San Marino din 2008.
Prima trupa in care Valentina Monetta a activat se numea Tiberio. Aici si-a descoperit pasiunea pentru muzica jazz ,R&B,Soul si jazz acid. Dupa trupa Tiberio a activat in trupa Hip-hop Parafunky. A început parteneriatul cu Monica Giacomobono, iar în anul 2002 lanseaza piesa Sharp. A continuat apoi colaborarile cu mai multi interpreti : Vanessa J, Marcello Sutera, Nicola Peruk.

Afla totul despre participarea din acest an a Valentinei Monetta la Eurovision dintr-un nou interviu in exclusivitate marca Star Gossip:

For those who do not know you, tell us more about the artist and the woman Valentina Monetta.

Valentina the artist is not so different from Valentina the woman. My life is quite a nocturnal one. I sing in bars or in my studio, where I study and compose. I am very sportive and this is important for my body, especially to find my mental peace, whom some artists find it difficult to find it when they are young, and unfortunataly they end up to choose either their job/ talent or their feelings. I’m worried because of my feeling, but I’m learning to focus more of what I want and music always helped me. I’ve always been a tomboy and only from some my time ago that I’ve started enjoying my feminity. Crisalide is a prayer that I say everyday.

You have taken part twice before this year’s Eurovision to this competition. Perseverance is the key to success?

Absolutely Yes! Perseverance means always believe in yourself and one has to find the right formula that gives you the right courage to continue..but i think that at the end success depends on the capability of the person.

The song “Crysalide” is a very profound one with a more mature sound. Tell us more about it, composers, message.

The mature sound that Ralph Siegel created, the words of a poet like Mauro Balestri and my interpretation have given life to “Crisalide” like a breath of life, an awareness of a new truth to help us face courage, a positive message to recover ourselves…. destroying all the walls that don’t let us to believe in ourselves. The Beatles used to say “Let it be” and I say “Fly”

After Eurovision do you intend to release “Crysalide” also as a single?

I hope that this song will be successful…currently I am receiving very nice messages, but everything depends on how I will manage to communicate the message and the emotions of the song.

Which is the deepest change inside you that at first made you feel like a crysalide?

Everytime that one rediscovers bright side he goes in crisis and this happened too many times in my life. The first time that I’ve sang this song it reminded me the various times that I had to change, so that I was able to move on. With this song I revise my own history and I see the way I developed my talent and my body.

Have you listened the other countries’ songs? Which is your favourite and of which are you most afraid of?

Yes. My favourite are Italy , Denmark , Malta, France, Austria , Romania and Ukraine… Wow even though too perfect for my taste…

How will your show on Malmo stage look like?

On stage I will have the red (my favourite color) and my movements… that’s what I can reveal

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San Marino has never got on a high position on Eurovision. Why do you think it was so and which is your biggest advantage that can convince people to give you more votes?

San Marino started participating in Eurovision for only few years and this is already a disadvantage because this leaks management experience. From my personal experience I can say that there where little incentives or encouragement in a country so small. I think that for many Sammarinese artists, it’s difficult to develop your artistic career, so there is a very limited possibility to build an authentic “home-made” artistic piece and this affects this important European participation. I think that in these recent years there was a better improvement. San Marino believes more in the local artists and I hope that this will reflect in a higher level of presentation. Also I add that the spirit, the passion and the artistic value of the artist who is being chosen to represent his country are important factors and I will focus on these points so that I will be convincible.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to participate next year in Eurovision?

To be more authentic , simple and do not act like a puppet on a string

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