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#Exclusive #International Festival George Grigoriu Interview Amelie Daniel – “Be yourself and fight for your dreams”

#Exclusive #International Festival George Grigoriu Interview Amelie Daniel – “Be yourself and fight for your dreams”

Being called the Swiss pearl, Amelie Daniel, one of the international contestants to this year George Grigoriu Festival in Braila – Romania , has proved that emotion shared on stage can win any language barrier. We call her the queen of hearts, you can read more about Amelie Daniel and discover the wonderful person that she is on the next exclusive interview that Amelie has given to Star Gossip Magazine Romania.

For those who do not know you, tell us, who is Amelie Daniel?
A girl who likes writing songs, who, with her songs and texts likes to give hope and dreams to the people that do not dream sometimes. I like to give emotions and making the others to think more about themselves. I like many types of music. My instrument is piano. I have just released my album, “Cent souvenirs terriens” six months ago. And people can find it on I Tunes and on the other important musical platforms.

What does music mean to you?
Music is one of the most important things for me because I think music can help people to be better and can cure souls. And it was wonderful because I was in Romania. I do not speak Romanian but with the music we could understand each other. Music means no barriers.

We know that you also compose songs. What does inspire you?
The people around me. Not just close friends. I like real stories about people and I also have a song about Germany about the war and how people survived. It is very important to have metaphors and poetry in your songs. Real stories that can touch the people make you different. I try to give hope, not naive hope and love stories, but I try to speak about real life. For example I have a song about me when I had to go to Paris and leave my family , boyfriend and my past life behind in order to follow my dreams.

At what level do you think is the European music industry at the moment?
It’s a shame that all the big productions that are on the radio are commercial. There are so many good artists but that are not so well known. I see an evolution because on the Internet we can see and listen to the artists that are not so commercial. It’s also shame that the commercial part do not get the chance to decide for their own image. For the moment I want to be myself, this is the most difficult, but important thing. Because the commercial artists just release a hit, and after that no one hears about them. So I prefer to build my carreer in time and keep my musical personality.

How did you decide to take part to George Grigoriu International Festival?
A friend of mine, Elianne Dambre, who has a wonderful school in Switzerland knows that I have just released my album and she came to me with this idea of participating to this festival in Romania to which I’ve already wanted to go because it’s nice to know the artists from other countries and it is a big challenge too. I know that it is a big festival here in Romania. I learnt some things about the composer, George Grigoriu and it is a good idea to make a homage for him.

Have you ever considered taking part to Eurovision Song Contest?
Yes, I think that in two years’ time I will participate because people are enthusiastic about my music, which surprises me. Until now I was busy working for my album, but I think that Eurovision is a part of the success for an artist.

How do your live concerts look like? What is the message that you want to share to the audience?
My live concerts are very different. For the festivals sometimes we are 7 on stage. Sometimes we just play in small places, very intimate. I like being on stage and I think that it is the most important part of my job.
The message that I want to share to the audience is : believe in your dreams, not naively, but fight for them. Be yourself and fight for what you want! I have the chance that my family is beside me and support me but at the beginning I had to prove that all the work that I have done with music, is not in vain

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What do you think about our city, Braila?
Braila is very different form my native town. I have met many interesting people. And I have seen many beautiful things like the blue clock from the centre, and the Danube and the view here is very beautiful.

How can your fans keep in touch with you?
I like to keep in touch with my fans on Facebook, especially because they write messages and can comment about my musical activity. Also on my website they can see videos, photos, and part of live concerts too by subscribing.

Share a message for all your admirers!
Thank you for your support and I hope really that one or two years prepare a little tour in Romania. Because I had a good connection with Romanian people and I hope they will come to my concerts here too.

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