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EXCLUSIV! Interviu Dalal & Deen – reprezentantii Bosniei & Herzegovina la Eurovision 2016

EXCLUSIV! Interviu Dalal & Deen – reprezentantii Bosniei & Herzegovina la Eurovision 2016

De-a lungul timpului, bosniecii au oferit la Eurovision momente muzicale cu o mare incarcatura emotionala, pe ritmurile balcanice bine cunoscute publicului romanesc.
Nici acest an nu face exceptie, Dalal si Deen prezentand una dintre cele mai puternice piese din concurs, “Ljubav ve“, o piesa despre dragoste si putere, acompaniata minunat la vioara de catre Ana Rucner si de rapperul Jala.
Star Gossip Magazine a stat de vorba cu Dalal si Deen, si are placerea de va prezenta reprezentantii Bosniei&Herzegovina in acest an la Eurovision, intr-un nou interviu in exclusivitate pentru Romania.

Throughout time, Bosnian people have offered in Eurovision very intense musical moments, on the Balkanic rhythms, well known to the Romanian audience.
This year is not an exception, Dalal and Deen presenting one of the most powerful songs in this competition, “Ljubav ve“, a song about love and power, wonderfully accompanied on violin by Ana Rucner and by the rapper Jala.
Star Gossip Magazine has talked with Dalal and Deen and has the pleasure to present you Bosnia & Herzegovina’s representatives in this year’s Eurovision, in a new exclusive interview for Romania.

1.Hy, guys! For the beginning, tell us more about how you got to form this wonderful project with which you take part to this Eurovision?

Dalal: Deen and I have been friends for 20 years, but we never recorded something together. When I first heard “Ljubav je” (author Almir Ajanovic)I knew it was the right song for us. And Eurovision just happened.
Deen: Hello dear people!! Well… It just happened… My best girlfriend Dalal invited me to sing this beautiful song with her and the rest you already know… I’m soooo sooo happy and honored.

2. Your song is the one of the best regarded at this year’s Eurovision. Does it give you more confidence in winning this competition?

Dalal: We are hoping for the best 🙂
Deen: Of course!!! We are soooo proud and exited. It’s such a pleasure to know that you like our song. What a great feeling

3. Which is the message of your song, “Ljubav Je”, how do you intend to promote it in European level, considering the language in which you sing, for a more general message?

Dalal: “Ljubav je” sends the universal message of a magical, timeless love and forgiveness. We will release an English version soon, but I think music and love need no translation. Language is never a barrier.
Deen: Our message is very clear, LOVE, TOLERANCE, EQUALITY!!!! Love is all we NEED!!!

4. Which are your most important advantages in this contest?

Dalal: As a returning country that has continuously placed in the top of the finals, B&H is the darling of both the media and audiences across Europe and the World. We were announced very early, we have 4 individuals in our team with long careers in different types of music and we sing in our native language.
Deen: To represent our country and to meet all of you amazing people. Can’t wait!!!!

5. Which are your future plans, after the moment Sweden 2016?

Dalal: After two albums with a band – my solo album.
Deen: Oh… So many plans but right now the most important is to think about our presentation in Stockholm.

6. How far did you get to know about Romania by now and what is your opinion about our music and our country?

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Dalal: Transylvania, Dracula, Nadia Comaneci, Johnny Weismuller – Tarzan :), Gheorghe Zamfir(Kill Bill) and I met a great guy in Albania on Euro Video Grand Prix contest, he was representing your country as well on Eurovision in Greece and his name is Mihai Tr?istariu. I love his music. I am familiar with Inna and Alexandra Stan, and i like their music.
Deen: I really have to say, I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!! You have sooo many wonderful artists and your music is very popular in our country also.

7. How do you see the Eurovision phenomenon as a whole and which is your favorite winner?

Dalal: Eurovision is a great platform for international visibillity, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina we are all great fans of ESC. Our friend Marija Serifovic from Serbia is my fav winner.
Deen: ESC is the biggest competition and I have to admit that I’m great fan. There are soooo many respectable winners that I admire

8. Share a message for our readers and your Romanian admirers!

Dalal: Thank you for the support, thank you for loving our song “Ljubav je“, we really hope you will like our performance in Stockholm. Share Love.
Deen: Thank you sooooo much for your support and please share Love & TOLERANCE. Hugs and kisses to all. Best regards from Sarajevo.

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