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EXCLUSIV! Interviu cu Freddie, reprezentantul Ungariei la Eurovision 2016

EXCLUSIV! Interviu cu Freddie, reprezentantul Ungariei la Eurovision 2016

Ungaria are in acest an una dintre piesele cu mesaj din cadrul competitiei Eurovision 2016. Un artist relativ nou, Freddie, canta despre uniune si curaj. “Pioneer” este piesa bine cotata in topurile pariurilor din acest an, si aspira la un loc bun in clasamentul final european.
Am stat de vorba cu Freddie intr-un nou interviu exclusiv pentru Star Gossip Magazine.

Which is the most important musical lesson received throughout the years of your carreer?
Actually my carreer is been existing for only little more than a year, but what i thought was going to be crucial has been approved, and that is being true.

What does it mean to you to participate to this year’s Eurovision contest and why did you take this decision ?
Representing our country is the greatest of honors. We wanted to write a good song that is very meaningful at one time.

What makes an Eurovision song the best one?
I honestly don’t think it’s me to decide, all i know is that i am going to give the deepest of my soul…

What are your hopes and fears for this year’s Eurovision?
I have no fears, i am excited… very much, and I’m looking forward getting on stage, and singing my heart out

What will your promoting video look like? What about your show on stage?
Well, let these things be the secrets, but i enjoyed every second of our postcard footage. 🙂

Voice or looks, what do you think that ensures more the success of a new artist nowadays?
I really hope that voice, humbleness, and message matters more than the looks.

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Which is the general message that you want to spread to the world with your music?
Our message is to be original, be proud, strong, and mature enough to take responsibility for our decisions and its consequences.

Share a message for all our readers and for your Romanian fans!
I would tell them how grateful i am for their love and support, for eeach comment that has been added to our song. I hope most of you could relate to our song, and that you are going to love the live version in Stockholm as well 🙂 Hope to see you at a concert 🙂

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