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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW FOR ROMANIA | LARA FABIAN – “Romania has a very special place in my heart and I return with a very pop and visually rich show, as you have never seen me before!”

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW FOR ROMANIA | LARA FABIAN – “Romania has a very special place in my heart and I return with a very pop and visually rich show, as you have never seen me before!”

Lara Fabian a fost, este si va fi una din artistele mele preferate, in ale carei piese mi-am regasit povestile intotdeauna si pe a carei muzica am vibrat de fiecare data. Lara Fabian este o legenda a muzicii contemporane, un suflet de artist ce contopeste puterea si sensibilitatea la acelasi nivel. Pe data de 6 octombrie artista va lansa albumul “Camouflage”, intorcandu-se la vechea sa iubire, limba engleza, dar pastrand aceeasi emotie si putere a mesajelor transmise prin muzica sa. Primele doua single-uri din acest nou material discografic sunt “Growing wings” si “Choose what you love most( Let it kill you)”.
In 2018, Lara se va intoarce in Romania, pentru a bucura din nou sufletele publicului sau de aici, cu doua concerte programate pentru datele de 29 martie la Cluj-Napoca si 31 martie la Bucuresti.
In avanpremiera acestei reintoarceri muzicale in Romania, Star Gossip Magazine a avut onoarea si minunata ocazie de a realiza un interviu in exclusivitate, prin care am descoperit femeia Lara Fabian dincolo de scena, exact asa cum este ea: minunata, sensibila, puternica, plina de daruire pentru toti fanii sai si pentru toti cei care macar o data au vibrat pe piesele sale.
Va lasam sa o descoperiti pe Lara in acest INTERVIU IN EXCLUSIVITATE PENTRU ROMANIA!

Lara Fabian has been, is and will be one of my favorite artists, in whose tracks I have always found my stories and on whose music I have always vibrated. Lara Fabian is a legend of the contemporary music, a soul of an artist who combines strength and sensitivity at the same level. On October 6, the artist will release the album “Camouflage”, returning to her old love, English language, but retaining the same emotion and power of her messages shared through his music. The first two singles released from this new album are “Growing Wings” and “Choose what you love most ( Let it kill you)”.
In 2018, Lara will return to Romania to enjoy the audience again, with two concerts scheduled for March 29 in Cluj-Napoca, and March 31 in Bucharest.
In anticipation of this musical return to Romania, Star Gossip Magazine has had the honor and wonderful opportunity to make an exclusive interview, whereby we discovered Lara Fabian beyond the stage just as she is: wonderful, sensitive, strong , full of dedication for all her fans and for all those who have once vibrated on her music.
Let’s discover Lara in this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW FOR ROMANIA!

Hello to you, wonderful Lara and welcome to wonderful Romania! Another beautiful moments you will spend here with your two concerts from 2018 in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. What feelings does it give you and what will you bring new on the Romanian stage this time? What do you feel and know about Romania in general?

Thank you. It is always a pleasure for me to come to Romania. For the last international tours, we have always made sure to include Romania. And Romania is also one of the few countries where we will have more then one concert on the upcoming “Camouflage World Tour”. Due to the limited time availibility, I had to refuse demands from other cities in Romania , but we will catch up with even more dates for the next tour; For this one, it will be Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. With a very pop and visually rich show, as you have never seen me before!

This year you will release your new album, “Camouflage”, that determines your return to English origin. What made you take this Anglophonic decision and which are your biggest expectations with this album?

You might know me in Romania more with French songs, like “Je t’aime”. But I have always performed and written songs in English too. As an artist, I do not make a decision such as “now I want to sing in English”, it happens naturally. I am a citizen of Canada and Belgium, both countries which are multilinguistic, and I did grow up with many languages; It is a natural thing for me to sing in English too. And some of my most successful songs are in English, for example “I will love again”, “Adagio” or “Broken Vow”. Camouflage is therefore in the continuity of the previous English albums I had recorded. As for my expectation; the only expectation I have is that the songs from “Camouflage” travel across countries and audiences, and touch hearts and souls, and give some color to the darker times in which we live. It is a very colorful album, with various sounds. It is so far, my favorite album ever, and I hope the Romanian public will enjoy it!

What feelings do you express with your new single, “Growing wings” and which is the message that you want to share to your audience with the song and its video?

I chose “Growing Wings” as first single from the album, as it represents the overall musical sound, that is more electronic and pop, but also includes classic instrumentations such as strings. And vocals are of course very important in my music. The song talks about resilience, and the strength we find in ourselves in moments when we feel most fragile, and somehow we manage to overcome the difficulties, by “growing wings”. As the lyrics say, sometimes, we need to take a “leap of faith”, and trust our instincts, and ourselves, and make a step, even if we move out of our comfort zone. We should not forget, most things we desire, we reach them by stepping out of our comfort zones.

What does it mean to you the word “Camouflage”, both in the professional and personal life?

Camouflage is the title of the album, but also of a song on the album. It talks about our need to blend in, to connect with society; on the one hand, It is about our fears , to stand out, to be “different” and, hence, being rejected as “the other”, so we try to hide who we are, and try to blend in on our environment, in the society, and erase our colors. In the same time, looking at it from a positive angle, it is also our strength , to adapt to different colors, and establishing a connection with our surroundings, and becoming part of something that is bigger than ourselves.

Throughout your career, which was the moment that you will always remember?

I have been lucky to be round for more than two decades now as an artist, and I am so grateful for so many incredible moments, and they keep adding; It is therefore very difficult to pick one single moment. One of the most important moments for me, is when I arrive to a point where I present a new project, like my new album. And also, when I step into the stage and start performing a song for the very first time to an audience; The process of writing, composing, recording and releasing music takes so much time, that I am impatient to share the music with the audience.. I look forwqrd to these moments when I will be on stage in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca!

Which of your songs was the most motivating for you during the hardest times of your life?

There are several songs I guess. Each song I wrote and composed is linked to a particular moment in my life. “Je t aime” for example is about the courage of shouting out a love declaration for the last time to a person, within a moment of separation. More recently, “L’ oubli”, a song on my last French album, was dedicated to my mother , who suffers from a neuro-degenerative disease, and helped me come to peace with this difficult situation. And there are many other songs, which I hope, mean something for someone out there, in a difficult situation, and maybe gives a tiny bit of support to that person who listens to that song I wrote. If that happens, even if I will never know it, then I have served a purpose bigger than myself.

If your life would be a story, which would be its title and happy ending?

The happy ending would be obviously “and they lived happily ever after”.. The name of a story, I think I’ ll need a couple of more decades to respond to that question; I am not a nostalgic person looking backwards to the past. I have learned to concentrate in the present moment, in the “now”. So, for now, my story is “Here and now”, and this story is about “Camouflage” .

How are you behind the stage? What makes you happy, what disappoints you, how do you overcome the obstacles in your life?

I can really say that I don’t think I am different behind the stage than on the stage; What you see on stage is what you get in real life if you see me. Of course on stage, I have a little more make up, and I’m sometimes dressed a bit more in a fancy way. I d be more comfortable with a jeans and a t-shirt in my daily life than with any designer’s clothes. Other than that, being surrounded by people I love is what makes me most happy and the best recipe to overcome difficulties. Love, laughter, good food, moments shared with good friends are my recipe for happiness. Isn’t that the same for all of us ? What saddens me most is greed, lack of empathy, and violence, in every form.

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Is there an artist that you would still want to be on the stage with? And which would be the song that you would sing together?

I had the chance to sing with so many great artists, I love duets. I would love to sing with Michael Bublé, such an amazing artist. And I would have loved to sing with George Michael.. I was so saddened by his passing away, such a tragedy. As for the song, I’d love to perform new songs. The big hits are most often left untouched. It is rare that I prefer new versions, the originals are most often the best versions. But there are exceptions, when an artist takes over an already existing song and brings a new dimension to it, like Whitney Houston did with Dolly Parton’s “I will Always Love You”. Already Parton’s version was fantastic, but Houston brought it to another level, and the success was well deserved.

Which is the most fascinating place where you have performed?

On this I have also more than one answer. For artists, there are magic venues, full of musical references and history. I had the chance to perform in several of these, from Carnegie Hall in New York to Royal Albert Hall in London. From Olympia in Paris to the Kremlin in Moscow. But, I have to say that the most important element is not the venue, a concert hall , a building, but the audience, the connection that we create for the duration of a couple of hours through music, lyrics and voice. And that transcends even language bareers. When that happens, when we establish across the stage, me as an artist, and the audience sitting there, this magic connection, then the place where we are, the building, becomes irrelevant. That is the most fascinating aspect of what I do, and which makes me continue doing what I do.

What are your hopes and plans for the near future? Is there a dream that you still have not fulfilled?

My plan for the foreseeable future is the Camouflage World Tour. That will take me most of the next year. And then, towards the end of 2018, I will release a new French album. And I’ll be doing many other things in between, I never stop.  I’m actually considering getting a Custombaba Custom tshirt online and probably going on tour to India and  other middle east countries I’ve never been before. Follow me on my social media, you will see.

Share a message for all your Romanian fans!

Romania has a special place in my heart. Being the daughter of an Italian mother, I am half latin, and we share this latin connection with Romania. This maybe explains also how easy it is for me to connect with the Romanian public, once I step onto the stage. So, I look forward to be with you again, and to have present you the colors of the “Camouflage” album and show . See you very soon!

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