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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | THE PARAKIT : “Making people dance and emotion are the most important for us.”

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | THE PARAKIT : “Making people dance and emotion are the most important for us.”

Sound makes the music and music builds harmony. 3 years ago I fell in love with a song that I had on repeat for a long time. That song was “Save me”, and the duo that released it was Parakit, duo formed by the singer songwriter Mickael Miro and DJ/producer Lil Moses.

After reaching the charts from Russia, the track then hit France (Top 10 of the radio airplay and digital sales – Top 5 on Shazam) and finally Europe (2016 Summer Hit – 20 million streams – Top 60 of the most Shazamed tracks in the world). In 2018, the new representatives of the French Touch were nominated as “Revelation of the year” at the NRJ DJ awards. Since then, The Parakit released several international tracks: “When I Hold You”, “Without You” feat. Alden Jacob & Lola Bambola, “Chipa Lipa” with Swanky Tunes, “Nirvana”, and the recent “Nova girl”.

Today we get the chance to discover them in a new exclusive and entertaining interview.


Hy, guys, and welcome to Romania and to our magazine. Firstly, tell us what does the name Parakit mean to you? 

Hello, dear. Thanks a lot for the interview. The Parakit is this little bird that looks like a small parrot ! Michael had 2 birds like this at home 3 years ago and we decided to call the Band THE PARAKIT. The freedom of the birds is so powerful. And we believe that music can fly like birds ! We make our music in paris and it flies to Romania ! Incredible


Looking back to your beginnings, how did you feel that you have evolved by far?

Lil Moses and I were doing our music solo. I was doing my pop folk project and he was working on his house music electro project. One day we decided to mix our music and Save me was born after one day in studio all together. We never believed this song would be so massive in the world. We are so proud and blessed. Our new track NOVA GIRL has the same DNA. Its maybe a little more hiphop as we collaborated with a US rapper called STEPHANZO. But making people dance is so important for us. Emotion is important too.


I personally enjoyed a lot your song “Save me”, I had it on repeat daily J Tell us what was the main message of that song and what did it bring for your career?

THANK YOU !!! This was the song that made us exist ! it is our lucky star ! its full of nostalgia and emotion, right ? but the drop is crazy and people all over Europe loved it ! that is so amazing…



Recently, you have released a new single, “Nova girl”. What is a Nova girl to you and what are your hopes with this new song?

 In THE MIDST OF THIS ESPECIALLY DARK TIME with the CORONA Virus, we decided to send a SEXY, FUN AND STRIPPED OF ANY COMPLEXES MESSAGE to our fans ! It’s a romance between a nova girl and a nova boy. One day, you don’t know why, you found your nova girl and then, you need to pray that she is single and ready for the big love ahahah 🙂 It’s not an easy game but it is worth!



If it was not for music…

We are only music. We live for music. We will die for music… music is our seed and we are birds without any cages !


3 messages that you want to share to people, in these moments of crisis, with your entire music

Never forget that we are so small in the universe and so fragile. Every minute spent on earth needs to be used for love and making good.

Never forget to say “I love you” to the one you love. What we learn today is that it could be too late so quickly…

 Stay united. Stay at home. This is how you fight against the virus! And this is how you help the doctors and the medical teams all over the world!


3 things that make you smile nowadays

All the videos on TIK TOK with animals ahhahah

Old movies with LOUIS DE FUNES. So funny

When I see that nova girl is doing great in Romania !


See Also

3 songs that you would have liked to compose

LET it be (The Beatles)

We are the world (Michael Jackson)

Leave the world behind (Swedish house mafia and Laidback Luke)


3 future plans


Go to the beach when quarantine is finished

Give an enormous hug to our parents !!!


Share a message for all your fans from Romania and the readers of our magazine.

We are so blessed to have you. We want to come this year and meet you all ! dance with you all night long !

Thanks for everything



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