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Go_A are the electro-folk band consisting in the valuable artists Kateryna Pavlenko, Taras Shevchenko, Ihor Didenchuk, Ivan Hryhoriak who will proudly represent their native country, Ukraine, with one of the most authentic and ethnic song of this year on the Rotterdam stage of Eurovision Song Contest, “Shum“.

Today we meet them again, this time within our innovative concept, 3 reasons, for an exclusive Daily Magazine interview. 


  • 3 reasons why you think you have been chosen again to represent your country, Ukraine, in ESC 2021
  1. Because we’re just nice;
  2. Our music is a perfect combination to represent Ukraine;
  3. We had no problem writing one more song for Eurovision.


  • 3 reasons why the Eurovision story has to go on despite all odds
  1. Eurovision is here to unite everybody in the name of peace and music;
  2. Eurovision is about celebration of music;
  3. It’s a perfect way for new talented artists to be discovered by a bigger public.


  • 3 hidden meanings of your song from this year that you want to reveal to us
  1. SHUM is about treating all life on our planet the way you want to be treated;
  2. We can do anything if we unite.
  3. Our inspiration for SHUM came from the folklore originated in Chernobyl Polissya cultural region and so far this significant part of our culture has been slightly vanishing due to Chernobyl nuclear power station disaster. So we’ve included shots of Chernobyl in our music video to point out that this tragedy had an impact not only on our environment, but on our culture as well.



  • 3 elements that lead to a beatiful cohesion between the members of Go_A
  1. We all have passion for Ukrainian folk music and culture;
  2. We all have pretty much the same feeling on how our songs should sound;
  3. We are good friends.


  • 3 expectactions that you have from this year’s ESC
  1. To win
  2. To meet other Eurovision artists;
  3. To make Ukrainian native music more popular for the public.


  • 3 things that we should expect to see on your show from this year
  1. Ancient spirits meeting the future;
  2. A performance more mystical, both our music videos combined;
  3. Eurovision turning into a rave party.


  • 3 reasons why all of us should visit Ukraine at least once in our lifetime
  1. Culture
  2. Landscapes
  3. People


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  • 3 ways how an artist can reinvent himself in crisis moments, in your opinion
  1. Not to pretend to be somebody else – they always find out who you really are;
  2. If something is worth doing, do it perfectly;
  3. Do what feels right, even if everybody around you tell you it’s wrong.


  • 3 plans in stock for the future
  1. Release an album.
  2. Do a world tour.
  3. Take our music to Mars.


  • 3 messages for Go_A from the past, present and future
  1. Message from the past – just be yourselves. Aaaand buy Bitcoins😜
  2. Message from the present – It’s not always that hard.
  3. Message from the future – keep doing what you do and you’ll be great!

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