EUROVISION 2023 | ALIKA – ESTONIA : “Bridges is about finding those connections with yourself and with other people and making sure you don’t lose yourself.”

Alika Milova, known mononymously as Alika, is an Estonian singer of Russian descent from Narva. She is set to represent Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with the song “Bridges“.

Milova made her name by participating in various singing competitions and television programs in Estonia and abroad since childhood, including The Baltic Voice, New Wave Junior, Kaunas Talent, Bravo Song Contest and Berlin Perle. She rose to prominence in 2021 with her victory at the eighth edition of the Estonian talent show Eesti otsib superstaari, which earned her a record deal with Universal Music Group.

On 1 November 2022, it was announced that she will participate in Eesti Laul 2023 with the song “Bridges”. She participated in Semi Final 2 and qualified for the final. On 11 February 2023, Milova performed in the final, where televoting chose her as the winner among the 12 participants and became their national representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool. 

Today, Daily Magazine gets to Estonia and meets lovely Alika that will sing on the Liverpool stage in this year’s ESC one of the most emotional and powerful songs of this year. ENJOY!



Hello, Alika! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet you today! How are you feeling as the representative of Estonia in ESC 2023?

I am feeling great! This has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid, and I am so excited to do this, and I am so proud to represent my beautiful Estonia.


What does the Eurovision competition really mean to you?

It means firstly, a celebration of music. Of course, one of the biggest competitions in the world where you can show the whole world, your side of life and the story of a song. I think this is a celebration of music because of that. I think it’s really good to participate in this because I can show my music and my art to all of the world.


What defines you as an artist? And how can you describe yourself in 3 Eurovision songs?

I would say that Måneskin’s Zitti i Buoni, because I was born and raised on rock music. The second one would be Gjon’s Tears’ Tout L’univers, because it’s so beautiful and I love to listen to that, and the third one I will say Stefan’s Hope, because I always believe in having hope!


What are your best daily motivations as an artist in ESC?

The people who surround me motivate me, the music that I listen to motivates me and I would say that in my life, that the whole world inspires and motivates me.


What is the story and the message of your song and how much do you find yourself in the song?

The song’s message is about how we all lie — to each other and to ourselves and it’s often hard to recognise that. It’s the cause of so many problems and confidence issues. In my song, I’m talking about hope and forgiveness and learning to begin again when things feel like they’re too much. Bridges is about finding those connections with yourself and with other people and making sure you don’t lose yourself. The song is of course is a part of me, as I wrote it based on my own experiences, but I think it’s definitely a universal experience.



What details can you give us regarding your show on the stage?

I am planning on keeping it very simple, since I don’t personally like ballads that have too much going on, on the stage. There will be some small changes between this performance and the performance in Eesti Laul, but for the most part I am planning to concentrate on making sure the people at home and in the audience can feel my soul through my music.


If you could make a duet or a revamp, what artist and song from ESC would you choose and what would you add?

I am going to again say Gjon’s Tears with Tout L’univers, because I’d love to challenge myself as he has such a great voice and I’d love to see what a song between us would sound like.

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What song of the other chosen do you like the most?

As I answer this, I have not listened to them all so closely, so my favourite songs, for now, are firstly Finland — I just really love the song and the performance. I think it’s really outstanding, Perhaps surprisingly, my other favourite is Spain. Spain in my memory tends to really send great pop bangers, and when I heard Eaea, I loved that this year they’re doing more of an experimental flamenco style, with a true Spanish temperament. I really love it, it’s a very brave entry.



Why should people vote for you in Eurovision Song Contest?

I think people should vote for me if they truly deeply like my song! I have written this song right from my soul, and if someone at home can feel that, if they can feel all my emotions and the story through the lyrics, then I have done something right — so if you like my song and feel that I’ve done my job well, please vote for me.


What will be next after Eurovision?

I’m looking forward to touring, and hopefully not just in Estonia. I have a great band with some very talented musicians, and I’m really looking forward to just rocking some stages throughout summer. I think it’s going to be great! Aside from that, I’ve got some new music coming out soon and an album coming later this year, so stay tuned!


For the end, share a message to all your European fans and to Daily Magazine readers!

Thank you so much for being with me, I wish that everyone is safe, loved and has a fun Eurovision! And if you truly love my song and feel what I am singing about, I’d love for you to vote for me! Thank you!

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