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EUROVISION 2023 | LET 3 – CROATIA : “SC triggers a process of catharsis, establishes balance and fills one up with the desire for a new life.”

EUROVISION 2023 | LET 3 – CROATIA : “SC triggers a process of catharsis, establishes balance and fills one up with the desire for a new life.”

Let 3 is a modern rock band from Rijeka, Croatia formed in 1987. The frontmen are Damir “Mrle” Martinović and Zoran “Prlja” Prodanović. Particularly popular in the former Yugoslavia, the band is known for their original approach to rock music and their obscene live performances. Their songs often contain provocative lyrics.

Let 3 was formed in Rijeka in the late 1980s. The band soon gained a reputation for their unprecedented, controversial and sometimes obscene performances, exemplifying the eclectic nature of Rijeka’s music scene. The band’s members have voiced support for liberal causes, such as women’s and LGBT rights, and have taken a vocal stance against conservative politics.

On 9 December 2022, Let 3 was announced as one of eighteen participants in Dora 2023, the Croatian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, with the song “Mama ŠČ!”. For their performance, they were joined by artist Žanil Tataj Žak as the character “Njinle” (meaning ‘Lenin’ in Šatrovački).  They went on to win the competition on 11 February 2023 with a total of 279 points, thus gaining the right to represent Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool, United Kingdom.



What does the Eurovision competition really mean to you?

I never thought we would go to Eurovision. But since we’re going, we’ll give it our maximum. However, we’re afraid Eurovision won’t be able to keep up with us…


What defines you as an artist? And how can you describe yourself in 3 Eurovision songs?

There are no songs at Eurovision which we could describe ourselves with. There haven’t been such at our Dora either. But now we have such a song, “Mama ŠČ” and everyone is singing and dancing to it. I guess it goes to show we haven’t adapted to the mainstream, but rather we have completely turned it around and got everyone sucked into our anti-mainstream.


What are your best daily motivations as an artist in ESC?

Back in Croatia, Let 3 organizes a festival named “AntiValentinovo” which translates to “Anti Valentine’s Day”, it’s main motto being “No love, just fucking”. Our main motivation was to create a PR campaign for the festival, and we used Dora as a way to do so. However, we also heard there’s awesome sex, drugs and big big lightshow at the Eurovision. Since this is also very important to us, it keeps us motivated daily.


What is the story and the message of your song and how much do you find yourself in the song?

My wife Ivanka Mazurkijević and I make a lot of music for film and theatre. This year we worked on an anti-war play at the Croatian National Theatre in Split directed by Paolo Magelli. The play names “LizistRATa” was a combination of several texts: Homer, Aristophanes, Predrag Lucić and Mate Matešić. After the premiere, Paolo and I (Damir Martinović Mrle) concluded that there was a lot of good music created in this project and that it would makes sense to create a completely new project. This new project came out to be something like a war opera, with an orchestra, choir and guests from all over the former Yugoslavia. At that moment, I wrote a completely new song for Let 3 – “MAMA ŠČ”.

Song carries transhumanistic ideas, our golden electric tractor being a symbol of transhumanism. Society doesn’t don’t need fossil fuels, only renewable energy sources, and with the help of technology, we can eradicate poverty, hunger, human stupidity, wars and violence. We can establish the right to live, space to live, the right to choose, tolerance, sexual and gender equality.



What details can you give us regarding your show on the stage?

We are always more than happy to give away our roses, stored in a special, romantic place.


If you could make a duet or a revamp, what artist and song from ESC would you choose and what would you add?

I would gather all the artists and then we would all together pronounce the charismatic “ŠČ” mantra. You see, ŠČ triggers a process of catharsis, establishes balance and fills one up with the desire for a new life.



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What song of the other chosen do you like the most?

Netherlands, Serbia and Slovenia.


Why should people vote for you in Eurovision Song Contest?

Because we will protect you with the power of love!


What will be next after Eurovision?

We will disintegrate into tiny particles and reassemble into one new, more perfect being.


For the end, share a message to all your European fans and to Daily Magazine readers!

Lots of sex, love and hapiness. Vote for Let 3 because it is the only way!


Photo credit – Franko Kelam 

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