EUROVISION 2023 | TVORCHI – UKRAINE : “We wrote the song to show that we have something to say to Europe and the world”

Today we go to Ukraine, the recent country winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2022 and we meet the duo Tvorchi – called the loudest discovery of the young Ukrainian scene.  The band was founded in 2018 by sound producer Andrew Hutsulyak (stage name: Andrew) and lead singer Jeffery Kenny (stage name: Jeffery).

They have released four studio albums: The Parts (2018), Disco Lights (2019), 13 Waves (2020) and Road (2020). In 2021, they won the main Ukrainian music award YUNA 2020 in three nominations: “Band of the Year”, “Album of the Year”, “Electronic Single of the Year”. In 2022 TVORCHI won two more YUNA Music Awards in the nominations “Best Foreign Song” and “Best Concert Show” and became record holders in the number of nominations. The last album, ROAD, was released in 2021. Longplay took first place in the Ukrainian charts, surpassing the albums of Kanye West and Drake. In the first week after its release, it was listened to more than three million times on music platforms.

Now the group is actively touring the world with charity concerts, performing for the military, doctors, temporarily displaced persons, and collecting funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and children affected by Russian aggression. During the period of the full-scale invasion, TVORCHI performed in London, Lisbon, Hamburg, Gdańsk, Berlin, Frankfurt, Budapest and other cities around the world.

In December 2023 more than 54 000 viewers voted for TVORCHI with the track Heart of Steel on the National selection and selected them as representatives of Ukraine at Eurovision. Heart of Steel” is a song about resilient, unbreakable people who keep moving forward despite any difficulties, which is exactly the feeling the dramatic ending of the song conveys.

What does the Eurovision competition really mean to you? 

Andrew: Eurovision is a place to unite people from different countries with different music. We are proud to represent Ukraine on the international stage in Liverpool.

Jeffery: This year, we will show the country from another side – with progressive electronic music. We need to show everyone how different Ukraine can be.

Andrew: We wrote the song to show that we have something to say to Europe and the world. Our track is called Heart of Steel. This song is about everyone who, despite all the hopelessness, carries a heart of steel in his chest and goes forward.


What defines you as an artist? And how can you describe yourself in 3 Eurovision songs? 

Andrew: First of all, artist – is a personality that shows how they experience the world through music.

If I were to describe myself with songs, I would highlight energy in the song Maneskin – Zitti E Buoni, romanticism in Duncan Laurence – Arcade and drama in Mahmood – Soldi.

Jeffery: My creative sense and my unique singing style define me as an artist and separate me even from those in the same genre. I will also single out Maneskin and Verka Serduchka according to my mood, these are songs with crazy energy.


What are your best daily motivations as an artist in ESC?

Andrew: Have you heard that the national selection `Vidbir` for Eurovision in Ukraine was in the shelter – in one of the metro stations? It was unusual, everyone was in extraordinary conditions. Despite this, the whole team did a great job and helped to realize a high-quality show. When foreigners ask us about the show, they are often surprised that the competition in Ukraine was held in the underground station. Everyone says that it was a quality and great show. Thank you to everyone who made efforts to keep Ukrainian music playing even in difficult times. And our motivation – don’t give up, move forward despite all the difficulties

Jeffery: And I add. One more daily motivation as an artist in the ESC is that being a part of the competition is a huge opportunity and a great responsibility and also realize that people chose our group to represent them and that is something we have to put my 100% into and that’s what pushes me every day to work and prepare better.

What is the story and the message of your song and how much do you find yourself in the song?

Jeffery: Heart of Steel is about the bravery of being yourself: free in your actions, expressions and thoughts. To keep going no matter how wounded and exhausted you are. It’s about believing in yourself even if everyone has already sunk into despair. About unbreakable will which makes you who you really are.

Andrew: Our song is about unbreakable, strong people who move forward despite all the difficulties. No matter how difficult it is for them, no matter what obstacles come in their way, they smile through the pain and go to their goal. This is a song about all people with hearts of steel.


What details can you give us regarding your show on the stage?

Jeffery: We can only tell you that the whole team is working on our performance: we are developing the idea and rehearsing the performance. Watch our performance from the stage in Liverpool. We are ready to surprise you. 

Andrew: We have already released the song Heart of Steel (Eurovision Version). We tried the different options, looking for a solution that would feel the best. And such a solution was found. 

 Jeffery: We won National selection, but the song had not been written specifically for the contest, we chose Heart of Steel from the songs we were preparing for the album. After winning we decided to revamp the song. We kept the basis of the original version, for which more than 50 thousand viewers voted in the final of Vidbir. But at the same time we strengthened the sound. A powerful finale with violins conveys the feeling of struggle, the drama, the moment when you overcome adversity

Andrew: It was important for us to add a Ukrainian text, so that there was a clear identification that this is a song from Ukraine.

As for other changes – we also listened to the comments of the jury and our listeners to strengthen the track, make it more powerful, so that it sounds better in the context of the competition


If you could make a duet or a revamp, what artist and song from ESC would you choose and what would you add?

Jeffery: I would like to make a revamp of the song Soldi by Mahmoud, I would add a bit of TVORCHI into it just to spice up the song a bit and add a bit of contrast as well

Andrew: I’m not sure about the revamp, but I know the feat with whom we would like to record. This is a Maneskin.

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Why should people vote for you in the Eurovision Song Contest? 

Jeffery: Our main goal is to share the message that we bring to all listeners from the stage in Liverpool. And we will be grateful if Eurovision fans respond to our song.

Andrew: We’re working on our whole number, perfecting it. We want to present our country well and give our all on the stage.


What will be next after Eurovision?

Jeffery: We will continue to write our music, release new tracks and albums. We have 4 albums already, which you  can listen to: The Parts, Disco Lights, 13 Waves and ROAD.

Andrew: And also we will continue to give concerts.We have already attended charity performances in support of Ukraine in England, Poland, Norway, Germany, Portugal, Kenya etc.


For the end, share a message to all your European fans and to Daily Magazine readers!  

Andrew: Thank you to everyone who listens to and supports our music, we appreciate it and look forward to seeing you at the concerts. Always be strong, confident and remember no matter how hard it is, don’t give up get up and move forward

Jeffery: thank you for supporting our music and Ukraine, hope you have a great day and month ahead, keep smiling and lots of love and everyone who is not yet familiar with our work, start listening to the following songs: Heart of Steel, Trip, Believe, #мова_тіла


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