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EUROVISION 2023 | KAARIJA – FINLAND : „In a crazy world, you have to be a little crazy yourself.”

EUROVISION 2023 | KAARIJA – FINLAND : „In a crazy world, you have to be a little crazy yourself.”

Jere Pöyhönen, known professionally as Käärijä, is a Finnish rapper, singer and songwriter. In 2020, he released his debut album Fantastista. He is set to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with the song „Cha Cha Cha”.

Pöyhönen grew up in the Ruskeasanta neighbourhood of Vantaa, Greater Helsinki. He discovered his passion for music while learning to play the drums, and started producing music in 2014. His stage name (Käärijä means someone who rolls or wraps something) comes from a joke with his friends about gambling, a recurring theme in his music.

Pöyhönen released his music independently until 2017, when he was signed to the record label Monsp Records. He subsequently released the double single „Koppi tules” / „Nou roblem”. The following year, he released an extended play, titled Peliä. In 2020, his debut album Fantastista was released.

On 11 January 2023, Pöyhönen was announced as one of seven participants in Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2023, the Finnish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. His entry „Cha Cha Cha” was co-written with Aleksi Nurmi and Johannes Naukkarinen, and was released on 18 January 2023. At the competition, he finished in first place with a total of 539 points (467 points from the televote and 72 points from the juries), thus becoming the Finnish representative for the contest.

And today, to end our 2023 series of interviews with the European representatives to the significant European competition, Eurovision Song Contest, Daily Magazine takes a trip to Finland, where we talked with the most promising and one of the winning favorites of this year’s ESC. So let’s enjoy Kaarija, the last ESC interview and a pina colada! 


From your beginning until this moment, what has been the motto/mindset that has guided you in your career?

In a crazy world, you have to be a little crazy yourself.


What does the Eurovision competition, as a whole, mean to you and which is your biggest aim in ESC 2023?

My biggest aim is of course to win. It is really cool to be able to represent Finland. There has only been 1 Eurovision winner from Finland before so I really hope that there will be another now.


If you could describe with one lyric the Eurovision universe, what would that be?

”I’m mister lonely” because sometimes I feel small and alone in the middle of all of this. A small man in a big world!


What is the best that we can expect from your live performance in Liverpool?

You can expect lots of action and energy and a party!



You took part to Eurovision parties aswell. Do you think in ESC is still place for a real friendship?

Yes, for sure! It has been amazing to meet everyone, Eurovision is one big family.

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If you could make a duet with one of the ESC artists from this year, who would be this artist?

It would have to be Loreen. She’s the queen of Eurovision!

What comes next after Eurovision?

Lots of gigs and hopefully an album.


Share a message for all the European, especially Romanian, Eurovision fans!

Take care of yourself, love each other, work hard for your dreams and remember to vote in Eurovision!


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