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EUROVISION EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | KEIINO (NORWAY) : “Damdiggida means do whatever makes you happy. That’s what we are doing when we are on the stage. We love to spread happiness through music.”

EUROVISION EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | KEIINO (NORWAY) : “Damdiggida means do whatever makes you happy. That’s what we are doing when we are on the stage. We love to spread happiness through music.”

Since their debut, KEiiNO have refined their trademark blend of infectious melodies, inspiring writing and innovative productions through 30 releases with 150 million streams and gained a solid fanbase. With “Damdiggida“, the Norwegian trio sets the tone and pace for a new chapter, 5 years after they sensationally won the hearts of millions during Eurovision 2019. 

Damdiggida means “the thing that makes you happy” in a construction of Southern and Northern-Sami words. That is exactly what the Eurovision-season is for millions of people in Norway and around the globe. Also for Alexandra, Fred and Tom of KEiiNO, who have dreamt about winning Eurovision since childhood. That’s also why they’re once again competing in Melodi Grand Prix in order to qualify for the big finale in Malmø in May. 

Keiino will perform live, together with a great show, their song, Damdiggida, in the MGP semifinal from Saturday, 27 January. Live on You can vote online for them here!

Daily Magazine Romania had the chance to meet again virtually with the three wonderful guys from Keiino – Alexandra Rotan, Tom Hugo and Fred Buljo, for a new exclusive Eurovision interview. Enjoy! 



Hello, Keiino, so nice to have you back on Daily Magazine Romania. Tell us from the moment ESC 2019 until now, how do you feel you have personally and professionally grown as artists? What does the Eurovision competition truly mean to you?

Alexandra Rotan : I think in 2019 everything changed. We were three individual artists who had had solo careers, but it was the moment we got together when we took off, we found a place that we loved and we got best friends, we were on stage together, and had the time of our lives. Since then, it’s actually been an adventure, it’s been so much fun and we can’t wait to do this in many years more. 

Fred Buijo: Eurovision gave us a big stage where we had good shows, played great music. I feel Eurovision it’s a place where you can feel and experience a lot of music from all around Europe and it gave me also a place to show the saami music and culture. 



What defines you as artists? And how can you describe yourself in 2 Eurovision songs?

Tom Hugo: We are a pop trio that combines and unites different influences. We had some Norwegian folk and saami elements into danceable happy pop music. 

Alexandra Rotan: And if we had to choose the Eurovision songs….they would be Verka Serdiucika with Dancing lasha tumbai and Euphoria by Loreen. 


Which are the elements that in your opinion have led to the continuity and success of Keiino from its release until now? Which is the most memorable moment of your shows by far?

Alexandra Rotan: I think the reason we continue to be a band is because all three of us love music and we love what we do, we love to travel the world and perform on stages. I think that’s what people see and I think we have a lot of fun with. We do this because we love it and that is like empowering itself. 

Tom Hugo: And also we are very honest with what we are. Because if we had only been a band that received a song and were told to perform it on Eurovision, I do not think we would have been so eager in continuing this journey. 

Alexandra Rotan: We’ve done a lot of private shows which has been amazing. One of our biggest events was Madrid Pride, in 2019. 30000 people were singing along Spirit in the sky and that’s an evening I’ll never forget. 

Fred Buljo: I loved Euroclub in UK. And also the show in Melbourne, during our last tour in Australia when we saw that we had such a big fan base in a country from another side of the globe. I think it’s good to see that we gather a lot of people, make people come together and also, of course, share the love of  and for Eurovision. 


What is the story and the message of your song this year and how much do you find yourself in it?

Tom Hugo: Damdiggida means the things that make you happy. The message is, actually, do whatever makes you happy. That’s what we are doing when we are on the stage. We love to spread happiness through music. And we find ourselves very well in it. 



What details can you give us regarding your show on the stage?

Alexandra Rotan: We can’t say too much, but I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun and our best show by far on Melodi Grand Prix stage. 


If you could make a duet or a revamp, what artist and song from ESC would you choose and what would you add?

Alexandra Rotan: I think the song from Lordi, Hard rock Hallelujah, with yoik combined with angelique voices and EDM beat would be a big hit! 


Why should people vote for you again in Eurovision Song Contest?

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Tom Hugo: I think if we are so lucky to be chosen to represent Norway this year would mean a lot for us, because we were so happy with Damdiggida recording it in the studio and, of course, worked a lot on it afterwards and it’s always giving us the joy when we’re going back to it. I hope that we can bring some joy on people’s faces, that we can make people smile and I think this is an important part of Eurovision because we want Eurovision to be like a happy place where people can meet, regardless where they’re from, or what they do or how old they are or what kind of music they usually like. But on this night we should be uniting in something fun and if Damdiggida is a song that make them smile and wanna dance, then they should vote for us. 



What will be next after Eurovision?

Alexandra Rotan: We have some more music that we want to release and some planned gigs, but it all depends on what happens on the next few weeeks. So, it’s a bit exciting. 


When the curtain falls, how are you behind the stage and what makes you truly happy and enthusiastic?

Alexandra Rotan: We’re actually still best friends and still happy. We do what we love when we’re on that stage.

Tom Hugo: We usually jump up and down and cheer for the moment. It’s a lot of excitement. And energy built up. 

Fred Buljo: I think it’s the reaction from the crowd and being on stage together. 



For the end, share a message to all your European fans and to Daily Magazine readers!

Thank you so much for listening to our music. For listening to Damdiggida. We really hope to meet you soon and until then take care and remember to Damdiggida! 


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