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EUROVISION EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | MELOVIN (UKRAINE) : “I want to return to ESC stage as a refined artist and to bring new meanings that I consider truly significant today.”

EUROVISION EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | MELOVIN (UKRAINE) : “I want to return to ESC stage as a refined artist and to bring new meanings that I consider truly significant today.”

Seasoned artist and Eurovision 2018 star MÉLOVIN is returning to Vidbir — the Ukrainian selection for Eurovision — with the song “Dreamer”. Kostyantyn Bocharov, alias MÉLOVIN, barely needs an introduction to Eurovision fans. The X Factor Ukraine 2015 winner has stolen the hearts of many song contest followers and still has a strong fan base. 

The haunting melody has become one of the favourites in this year’s edition. Many have speculated about his intentions with the lyrics. MÉLOVIN has explained that it’s a universal story of daring to dream inspired by Ukrainian composer Volodymyr Ivasyuk — who gave his life for Ukrainian music during the Soviet occupation.

Included in the interviews dedicated to the entire Eurovision phenomenon, Daily Magazine has the joy of presenting you today the interview with Melovin. He will be performing in Vidbir competition – Ukrainian National Selection 2024 on 3th of February, where he will fight for the chance to represent again Ukraine at Eurovision 2024, on the stage from Malmo. 


What does the Eurovision competition truly mean to you?

Eurovision is a separate multiverse for me, a world where music truly unites! People waiting for your appearance, people capable of love – all come together with this incredible energy! I want to return to this stage as a refined artist and bring new meanings that I consider truly significant today.


What defines you as an artist? And how can you describe yourself in 3 Eurovision songs?

I am bold, I am versatile, and I am focused on results. I’m not afraid of experiments, not afraid of changes. I want to be honest with myself and honest with my listeners. Through my songs, I aim to inspire and motivate people!

As for songs, I would highlight Conchita Wurst’s “Rise Like a Phoenix,” MÉLOVIN’s “Under The Ladder,” and Duncan Laurence’s “Arcade.” They resonate with me in a special way.



What are your best daily motivations as an artist in ESC?

I’m committed to making a positive impact on people’s mental well-being through my personal transformations. Having shared my mental healing journey multiple times, I now deeply understand its importance in our times. Today, I strive to connect with people, offer support, and provide advice whenever needed. Moreover, the song “Dreamer” was crafted specifically for dreamers, as a reminder that dreaming is essential. It inspires, uplifts, and motivates! I’ve even launched a motivational online marathon called “From Dreams to Actions”.


What is the story and the message of your song and how much do you find yourself in the song?

The song was written while I was in Lviv, just before a powerful bombardment hit the city. Seeking inspiration, I visited the grave of the legendary Ukrainian poet and composer Volodymyr Ivasyuk at the Lychakiv Cemetery. This story gives me chills. I approached the towering monument of Ivasyuk, took his hand, and said: “Maestro, send me inspiration to create an epic song.” After that I returned to my hotel, went up to the observation deck, and the entire song echoed in my mind from start to finish. It seemed as if an otherworldly choir sang it. The next day, I went back to Ivasyuk with flowers, promising that if I went to Malmö, I would share his story with the world. Now, it’s another mission for mine.

 Regarding the song, it’s about me, you, and everyone who continues to dream no matter what! I’d like to highlight it once more – I didn’t write the song; it was a gift to all of us. I dedicate it to every dreamer!



What details can you give us regarding your show on the stage?

It’s a bit too early to talk about it just yet; please wait and see it for yourself on February 3rd during the final of the national selection!


If you could make a duet or a revamp, what artist and song from ESC would you choose and what would you add?

Such an interesting question. I haven’t thought about it. Over the years Eurovision has given us thousands of vibrant songs and powerful artists. If I could choose just one, it would be something legendary like a song we’ve known since the 80s or 90s but I’d breathe new life into it with a completely different sound. Perhaps it would be Dana International’s “Diva”; somehow, I feel like we would make an interesting and organic duet.


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Why should people vote for you in Eurovision Song Contest?

I stand against imposing anything on people. Each person has the freedom to make their own choices! May the most relevant meanings triumph! May their unique dreams come out on top!


What will be next after Eurovision?

A tour, a great tour. I know Europe is waiting for it, and so is Ukraine. I’m ready to meet all the dreamers, and ignite the flames in their hearts.


For the end, share a message to all your European fans and to Daily Magazine readers!

It’s my third time heading for Eurovision, and each time I come special meanings. This time it’s not about me – it’s about you and for you! The song “Dreamer” has so many meanings, and each person can find their own, so I want all the dreamers to notice it, to be inspired by it, and to never allow anyone to break their wings! Remember your childhood, revisit your dreams, fulfill them, and be happy! Don’t live in the past, don’t rely solely on “someday” – let your imagination run wild and make today, tomorrow, and every day happy! That’s what life is all about!




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