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EXCLUSIVE | EUROVISION 2024 INTERVIEW – MUSTII (BELGIUM) : “Life is a party, it can be extreme and dark sometimes, but also full of joy and euphoria.”

EXCLUSIVE | EUROVISION 2024 INTERVIEW – MUSTII (BELGIUM) : “Life is a party, it can be extreme and dark sometimes, but also full of joy and euphoria.”

Thomas Michel Mustin,  also known by his stage name Mustii, is a Belgian actor and singer. As part of his career he has released two albums – 21st Century Boy and It’s Happening Now, which have both peaked inside the top ten of the Belgian Albums Charts. He is also known for being a judge on Drag Race Belgique.

Mustii is set to represent Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö, Sweden, with the song “Before the Party’s Over”. And his song it is one of our favs this year!

Daily Magazine Romania has had the chance to talk with Mustii about the entire experience Eurovision Song Contest and we are sure that he will set the stage on fire!  Enjoy!


What does the Eurovision competition truly mean to you?

Eurovision is a lot of different things for me , it’s a big party but also a way for me to meet new amazing people and audiences, a way to introduce myself and my music to new audiences. It’s also a place for big and extreme emotions, and this is why I wanted to be an actor and a musician, to feel completely alive ! 

What defines you as an artist? And how can you describe yourself in 3 Eurovision songs?

Think i’m a multi-disciplinary artist with many facets. I started as an actor, so visuals, acting and theatricality has always been important even in my music. I’m curious and I want to try everything, take some risks, but the acting part of my career is really defining me, for example, years ago, I had the chance to play Hamlet in theaters, and it really had an influence on my music writings at the time, I love to make connections between genres and mediums. 

If I had to choose 3 eurovision songs to describe me, maybe I’d choose “Samo mi se spava” frome Luke Black for the touch of darkness and the theatricality. Also Zitti E Buoni from Maneskin for the rock spirit, and “City lights” from Blanche for the Belgian touch. 



What are your best daily motivations as an artist in ESC?

Motivation is coming from different places, the love and energy from people around me, wanting to make my little country proud, and sharing the message of this song which open some kind of new era/chapter for me as an artist. 

Also the idea that we can create some kind of unity with music, that’s why i wanted a lot of different vocals for the end of my song, vocals from all around the world, it’s so emotional for me to bring them on that big stage. 

What is the story and the message of your song and how much do you find yourself in the song?

You can read the song under different layers, several meanings (depending on what your living in your life right now , what you’re going through)… but for me one of the big message is “live your life to the fullest”, don’t let yourself be caged in, It’s an « ode to life », it’s about resilience and mental health, it’s an ambivalent song between melancholy, epic joy and euphoria at the end. Everything is in the contrast. The song asks us to take off our masks, to reveal our true selves, to be who we are because we have no time to lie or to pretend… 

The central metaphor is that life is a party, it can be extreme and dark sometimes, but also full of joy and euphoria. I don’t want the party to end and this song is like a scream of life: live to the fullest before the party’s over. Also, there is this idea that we are dancing on a fire, dancing even if a cataclysm is coming, it’s reminiscent of the 20’s before the Second World War: people are dancing in a frenetic way to forget the looming apocalypse. I can feel that my generation (and the generation after) needs to build safe places to go through life and to feed our hopes & dreams. It’s a song for those who are struggling… 

It’s also a real personal song, i was a shy kid, a shy teen inside my own box, my own bubble,  but i woke up at one point, I have this scream of life inside me,  there’s an urgency feeling, that’s why i’m repeating this last line again and again almost like a scream, wake up before the party’s over ! (it’s also inspired by the play “the three sisters” by Tchekov, and this quote stuck in my head : ““The time will come, and everyone will know the meaning of all this, why there is all this suffering, and there won’t be any mysteries, but meanwhile, we must go on living”)



What details can you give us regarding your show on the stage?

Not a lot hahah, there are some clues in the videoclip 🙂 

If you could make a duet or a revamp, what artist and song from ESC would you choose and what would you add?

Think i’d have fun with Luke Black 🙂 


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Why should people vote for you in Eurovision Song Contest?

‘Cause i think this song can be cathartic, I wanted to bring a really honest song, it’s coming from my guts, and I think we all have this inner voice, this scream of urgency, the need to feel alive and the need to connect to each other, this choir at the end is a beautiful symbol , voices from all around the world, in a world so divided, I think it’s the right place and the right time for that. 



What will be next after Eurovision?

“Before the party’s over” is the first single of my next album, it’s the opening of a new era/chapter for me, i’m preparing a tour and the release of the album at the end of the year. I’m also playing in a belgian/french thriller movie called “la nuit se traîne” and drag race belgium season 2 (in which i’m a judge) is still out of course ! 


For the end, share a message to all your European fans and to Daily Magazine readers!

“You got a soul on fire, you’re gonna raise roofs tonight….”

Lots of love to all of you 


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