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"Krecinski's Wedding" closes the Galati National Comedy Festival

"Krecinski's Wedding" closes the Galati National Comedy Festival

Fani Tardini Dramatic Theatre announces the most awaited event of the season: the Galati National Comedy Festival. The 31st edition of the Festival will take place from 4 to 13 October 2019. The event is organized by the Dramatic Theatre "Fani Tardini" Galati, in partnership with Galati City Hall and the Romanian Theatre Union (UNITER).
The festival brings to the Galati audience ten theatre performances produced by as many theatres from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, as well as a concert preview.

On the gala evening, "Krecinski's Wedding", the famous show of the Comedy Theatre of Bucharest will close this important theatre festival with a first class sarcastic humour.

Krecinski's Wedding is a show-event, painstakingly crafted by the well-known actor Mihai Bendeac, who has joined the ranks of the most captivating theatre directors. In this show, every line and every gag are carefully dosed to offer the audience the delight of an exceptional comic performance.

The cast consists of Liviu Pintileasa, Mihai Bendeac, Vlad Dragulin, Mihaela Teleoaca, Victor Vurtejanu, Gloria Gaitan, Lucian Ionescu, Marius Drogeanu, Serban Georgevici, Matei Arvunescu, Bogdan Ghitulescu.

I created this show based on the same benchmarks I had towards theatre at the age of 15. Plus, of course, a bit of experience and maturity. I'm not a director. I'm a storyteller. A storyteller who tries to use his imagination. Imagination is the best and most beautiful thing we have. I chose a text that talks about madness in many forms because madness is a concept that, unfortunately or fortunately, I think I have mastered. Enjoy your viewing and I hope you forget about everything else while you're in the room.. (Mihai Bendeac).

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This year, the Festival returns to its established festival-competition formula. The first nine shows in the Festival programme are in competition, while the show of the Bucharest Comedy Theatre, scheduled on the last night of the Festival, is out of competition.

Tickets for the performances of the National Comedy Festival - Galati, 2019 are on sale here and at the ticket office of the Dramatic Theatre "Fani Tardini", Domneasca 59.

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