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Daily Visits: Lesser-known fairytale destinations in Romania for winter holidays

Daily Visits: Lesser-known fairytale destinations in Romania for winter holidays

Winter is the time to enjoy the cold, yet pleasant, weather outside and have fun with your loved ones.

If you want to go on a trip to the mountains but are tired of the endless queues in the Prahova Valley or want to avoid the crowds, we present you some unique and less known tourist destinations.

Little Mountain, Tarcu Mountains

Tarcu Mountains is at an altitude of 1,525m. You can reach this place on the county road DJ608A, but you'll definitely use Waze or Google Maps to make sure you reach your destination following the best route.

On average, the ski season lasts about 150 daysfrom December to April.

Little Mountain became a tourist resort in 1930, and by the end of those years, the resort exceeded 2,000 accommodation places. The development of the resort continued after World War II. In 1962 the first ski lift was inaugurated and in 1976 the chairlift connecting to the Craiu Valley was opened. The ski areas here have a high level of difficulty medium and a length of between 1,200 metres and 12,000 metres, and we find 5 ski slopes: Borlova slope, Pârtia Sub Telescaun, Nordic Trail, Sun Valley Trail and Maloasa trail. 


Lunca Vișagului, Cluj

The village of Lunca Vișagului belongs to Poieni commune, Cluj county. Surrounded by mountains, Lunca Vișagului is a village consisting of four hamlets, from west to east, as follows: Floroiu, Zărnișoara, Dealul Scrabii and Lunca proper.

When you get to this place you can't help but fall in love with the pure picturesque landscape. The first thought I had in my mind the moment I arrived in Lunca Vișagului was: I can't wait to get back

In winter, the layer of snow that keeps the grass and spring flowers warm glows when you're lucky enough to catch a day of warm sunshine. The local people are very kind, special. Accommodations are suitable for budget and taste.

Sibiel, Sibiu

Maybe you have already heard about Sibiu, right on our website there is an entire article about this beautiful town, but Sibiel is a part of the town of Săliște in Sibiu county. Since 16 July 1973, the village of Sibiel, together with 13 other localities, has been declared a village of tourist interest.

instagram: @arenaplatos

If you want to get to this quiet place but still want to enjoy all that winter has to offer in the mountains, Păltiniș is an option for anyone visiting Sibiu area - and everything around. The resort is located at the highest altitude in Romania (1422 m) being populated mainly in winter for winter sports but also in summer for hiking in the Cindrel Mountains.

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Plus, Platos Arena, 25 km from Sibiel, is another small resort in the surrounding area where you will find 6 ski slopes and a trail for snowboard. Ski conditions are great from December to April.

instagram: @arenaplatos

Arieșeni, Alba

At an altitude of 1000 meters, in Alba county, Arieșeni resort is that place where you will want to come back thanks to the locals, people with beautiful souls. In addition to the chalet owners, the slopeside staff, the vendors, and the waiters are truly a rare breed of people.

In addition, the resort has four ski slopeswith ski lift and night lift.

Straja Resort

Straja resort is located in Hunedoara county, at an altitude of 1445 meters, in the heart of the Valcan Mountains, in the Ji Valley area, about 8 km from Lupeni municipality. It consists of 210 cabin, holiday homes, pensions and villas. Of these, 70 are approved with 1, 2, 3 and 4 stars.

In the resort there are 12 ski slopes, each equipped with a cableway (teleschiAnd if that wasn't enough, of all the slopes available for skiing, five of which also benefit from night installationso you can enjoy your favourite activities on the slopes until late! Or if you haven't had time to have fun in the snow during the day.

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Straja totals approximately 26 km of skiable terrain. There are 11 cableways that give you easy access to all the slopes in the resort: 4 chairlift, 6 teleskiuri and cable car which connects Lupeni to the resort.

Also, thanks to the modernization of the Straja Peak, the construction of the chairlift and the cable car, it is facilitated the appearance of some new slopes. The longest of these totals 8.1 km and is called the Straja Trail.

For those who do not practice winter sports

Maybe you're not into winter sports, you don't fancy spending the day on the slopes and you don't like the cold, but you still want to enjoy the view that winter offers in the mountains. So we suggest a few locations that are for you below.

Măgura, Brasov

Did you know that National Geographic named the village of Magura as the most beautiful in Europe? It's all so beautiful it seems unreal.

You can come here to stay in even 5-star approved accommodation, visit the surroundings, such as Bran Castleor have a hot meal on a heated terrace while enjoying a great view or.. maybe some shopping at the mall in Brasov?

However, here, in Măgura, you come to get away from all worries, forget about everything bad and connect with nature. A walk with horse-drawn carriage will help you combine relaxation with a unique experience or with ATV-The perfect place for passionate hunters of beautiful landscapes.

Corbeni, Arges

instagram: @calinrazvan

We recommend this location not so much because it's lesser known, but because we've heard of the nicest accommodation in the area - The Cottage. If you don't like winter sports but still want to be in the mountains, you'll be happy when we tell you that this accommodation has nest.

instagram: @lacabana.corbeni

The location is located at 1100 meters altitude and is a simple accommodation, suitable only for those who love mountains and nature.

instagram: @lacabana.corbeni


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