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3 REASONS WITH...ANDREEA D : "God gave me the gift of music for a purpose, to make myself heard, and through this I try to help others."

3 REASONS WITH...ANDREEA D : "God gave me the gift of music for a purpose, to make myself heard, and through this I try to help others."

Saint Andrew's Day, Daily Magazine offers you an interactive interview from the 3 Reasons with Andreea Dorobanțu or, as it is known nationally and internationally, Andreea D.

Perfectionist, ambitious, sangre caliente, Andreea D has known success with famous DJs such as Sasha Lopez, Deepside Deejays or Dj Sava, and for some years she has maintained her fame in her solo career.

Andreea recently released her new single entitled "All That You Say Is (Ta Ta Ra)" , which talks about love, truth and empowerment , and today we rediscover it in a new exclusive interview. 


3 of the May memorable memories from the stage

Concert in Vietnam, when am sung in face a hundred from thousands of people, nor is it I could is the gaze and all were with hands top, it was a moment with a emotion apart.

- Concert in Sofia (Bulgaria) when 100,000 people have sung the chorus of "Money Maker". It was overwhelming, my-the tears came in time that and my-I gave see that music does not have borders.

- One of the concerts of at Cluj, in outdoors, I made to me dau see that I must to set an example in company and my-a pus on the shoulders a sea responsibility. When I got off scene 3 came girls to we take pictures and my-they said that he when will be husbandwill to either ca mine and that was the moment in that I have realized that you must not to dau mistake



3 hits that will not look never, at which my-I brought the artistic contribution, and the personal motivation of each of them

Sasha Lopez & Andreea D feat Broono - All My People (track which brought us 2 platinum andi gold in Canada and Japan and track with which the open Carnival of at Rio in 2012).

- DJ Sava & Andreea D - Money Maker (track that was heard in all clubs in the country and abroad)

- Andreea D - Rompedon ( premium track at that I worked ca and composer and textier and which has outdated 30 million views on youtube. It was premium date when, hearing-my track at radio, terrace and through the clubs, we had a emotion apart, ca then when o mother their sees the child for premium date. Indeed, it does not comparebut I have felt o sea fulfillment.


3 reasons why I gave up/ didn't give up at music

My-I wanted to son singer from at age 3 years old and since then we have worked incontinent to-my meet the dream

- I love musicthe public and scene and there me feel in my element.

- God my-a left this gift with a scopto me face heard, and by this try to-help others (people reacts May quickly at public persons, from păcate) and me wish to the something in trace mine. 



3 defining attributes of today's music industry

Diversified ( if launches and if listen all styles and musical genres).

Competitive with what is going on in other titsri ( and in we currently have many pieces and artists in tops international)

Wrestler (squeaky and in pandemic artists muncesc and if strive to release tracks and quality videos and nu drop, even if are almost 2 years of when industry musical has been brought to her knees).


3 states/motives in/for which to listenYou know my new single "All That You Say Is (Ta Ta Ra)"

I'm convinced that many of you will find in this track. Cinema did not believe in the love of a person and in fact to notes in-an ending, that were all lies?

- We worked and me at line melodic and my-am pus all my soul, the experiences and disappointments that we have lived sometime.

- It is a change of style musical for mine and you will hear a different Andreea D. 



3 ways an ideal concert looks like for mine

10 dancers on scene next door from mine

- A sound system Hi și o scene sea

- A large audience that to sing tracks next door from mine.



See Also

3 elements that make part from my present reality

music and studio

- family

- charitable acts 


3 things that positively charge me every time date

my child

- sun

and people who have sense humor 


3 ways I look at my future

Me I see back on marile scenes of the world, we May made-o and are convinced that working, the thing ista if goes May întâmpla.

I wish ca in future to evolve and to become a man as early as May good and positive, to remain grounded earth.

In future myas like to pot to fac May many good things and to-I help those who need help.



3 messages - for Andreea D from past, present, future

Andrea D from the past i-as transmits to nu May put both by far at soul vorbele and people's actions, to the ia ca as such.

- Andreei D of today îi suggest to lase the deo pastpart and to nu long live this by prism him.

- Andreei D from the future îi say that anything is possible if go to you want with true.

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