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LIZ offers us, together with pianist Cătălin Răducanu, a superb "Christmas Gift"

LIZ offers us, together with pianist Cătălin Răducanu, a superb "Christmas Gift"

"Christmas Gift", is the newest song signed by LIZ, aka Luiza Cobori, released as a winter fairytale. The lyrics are written by Liz, and the arrangement on notes and musical line were made with pianist Cătălin Răducanu.

I also collaborate with Catalin in the show Murder at Dinner (Elisabeta Theatre) and I knew that there was super chemistry from an artistic point of view. I called him one night and said: you know what, I want to write a soul piece. Something we could give to our loved ones for Christmas. Would you like to get together and sing it?" And that's exactly what happened. I had an hour that day and I already had the line of the song structured. It was already singable. Towards the end of the week, in a tour de force, we went into the studio with the song and then filmed. On Saturday we had the Avar at the Dalles Hall, after the show we went to the studio to record. On Sunday we played Murder at Dinner at the Elisabeta, then we went to shoot. Christmas is just around the corner. We wanted to be ready in time. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it. - says the gorgeous LIZ.

I wanted to dedicate this piece to those in love with emotion, in love with life, in love with those around me. And I think it worked out. The images of the video shot by Ciprian Struguriu have been like a seed in my mind since I sat down at the writing table. Besides, everything I compose I see in the images.



About how LIZ will spend Christmas this year, 

This year at Christmas, we will be out of the country. Unfortunately we won't be with extended family, and this is an exception. However, we have decided to spend a different end of the year than other years, with four of us - us and the kids. Bonding opportunities will be created with this outing and it's welcome anytime.

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About future plans, the artist also tells us,

From January, in addition to my theatre performances, I plan a new project with Vera, my 3-year-old daughter. I will give myself a hard but beautiful challenge again, just the way I like it. And, who knows, maybe Stefi will want to join us. Then, of course, I won't stop making music and singing. Music lives in me and I want to let it be heard.

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