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Chanel reveals the beauty line: No.1 By Chanel

Chanel reveals the beauty line: No.1 By Chanel

Described as a "new generation of beauty," Chanel adds that at the heart of Chanel's No.1 De Chanel anti-aging product line is a holistic and environmentally conscious approach, as the formulas contain up to 97% of naturally derived ingredients and more than 76% camellia.

The beauty line has been designed to minimise environmental impact through its packaging. It has reduced the weight of jars and bottles through a streamlined design, and 80 percent of the products in the line are made of glass, which have also been printed with organic inks that require lower heating temperatures and consume less energy than other inks.

Chanel has also opted for refillable cream jars and limited the use of plastics, all products are cellophane-free. Even the paper leaflets have been replaced with a QR code that has been printed directly on the packaging, providing product information in digital format.

In addition, the No.1 De Chanel cream lid is 90% made from organic materials, incorporating camellia seed shells, while the majority of the lids in the range contain recycled or bio-based materials, and ink has been replaced by the use of etching in the production moulds.

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The active ingredient in Chanel's No.1 De Chanel Clean Beauty line is red camellia, a flower described by the brand as having "revitalizing powers whose extraordinary energy gives it lasting youthfulness", which has been used to create products for a complete routine, complete with skincare, makeup and a fragrance mist.


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