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3 REASONS FOR THE FESTIVAL DIALOGUE IN BRÃILA | RAMONA GÎNGĂ : "I invite the audience to a different kind of performance in Braila, where you can taste the beautiful madness of the people on stage."

3 REASONS FOR THE FESTIVAL DIALOGUE IN BRÃILA | RAMONA GÎNGĂ : "I invite the audience to a different kind of performance in Braila, where you can taste the beautiful madness of the people on stage."

Maria Filotti Theatre Braila, the organizer Festival, tradition, International of Theatre and Performing Arts in Braila - the most important cultural event in the city, is present in this year's edition with 3 performances. About The Orinoco Wonders we could say that it is a story from antiquity, timelessly and aspatially adapted, about the struggle for power in any context of life, but also about the artistic world on and beyond the stage. We've seen it, we loved it, and we recommend you see it too on Sunday, 18 September, starting at 6pm, in the TMF Main Hall. Tickets can be purchased from here or at the theatre box office.

Ramona Gîngă is the actress of the Theatre of Braila whom we admire and love for a long time. For her nonchalance, her scenic strength and the firmness with which she successfully dresses each role. Today we rediscover her in more than 3 Motives, with an interview dedicated to the performance she will be giving us during the festival. 


3 defining elements for this year's performance at the International Theatre and Performing Arts Festival in Braila

The Wonders Orinoco" is a pamphlet about the world theatrical from today, written in verses. It's a theatrical performance in theatre composed on two plans: a historical one, a story about the formation of the Romanian people and a realistic one, at artistic reencounter, the conflict between the author and the director of the play and band actors in the show, in a dialogue full of humour and flavour. The message conveyed in the ending is very touching and heartfelt, as expressed by a man behind the scenes MAThe Shinist, who concludes that the future of art does not provides safety and we are struggling to survive in a world of money and superficial.


3 highlights I/we enjoyed backstage during rehearsals for this show

I enjoyed meeting with Mimi Branescu that director ( am May played in "If uhat e cu that, that his with cinema- or be?"). It's full of humour and energy, the rehearsals have all ingredients that I foundand and in text : salt, pepper, sweet spices and iight, sos ( originally text era called MEHLEM) sweet - sour combined with wasabi. Text in verses go to imposes other tip milling and e May hard to remember, May chosen that the author of county at each comma or linking word. Not you could you fool! The readings we had a terrible time when ratam some rhyme and Mimi's correct without looking at the text. Or when we passed at scene and something didn't seem right to him, edit text a doua day, to be able to transmit May good what their dorea to say. Provocative!!!


3 reasons why I, as an audience member, would buy a ticket to this show

Invite the public at a comedy written well and played well, at a different kind of show at Braila - theatre in theatre, in that you can likes from our madness beautiful, the stage people, the everyday people. Vă invite to ne see in unpublished characters!


Image from the performance "The Wonderful Orinoco" - directed by Mimi Brănescu, Maria Filotti Theatre, Braila


3 ways I look at the theatre industry today

It's very hard to do the job this if you don't burn for it and you don't devote yourself completely... unfortunately some do it for Money and fame. It's great to work with important directors, but and May values and to you work with important PEOPLE who you Respects for what you do and what you don't you are an object, but purely and simply, an artist who has and he to learn in continue. It's nice to laws true and deep relationships and this it happens from what in ce May rare.


3 things a contemporary theatre festival brings with it

E important ca the show to be strongly anchored in present, in problem society in that we live - ca theme, ca message sent. I also believe that and essential ca the show toand give food for thought, to you can to I find youand in he, to you want to change something for the better at you and in relationship with others. Via form and content, either that and theatre- in, social theatre, religious, non-verbal, classical text or contemporary, the show is vibrant, emotional and exciting and perhaps change destiny or the very mentality of a society!

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3 reasons why Braila is cool

The Braila is cool because we have a cool band, valuable and chameleonicfor that we have a cool audience that never lies and who loves us and for that we have a theatrical gem that we are deeply attached to!


3 expectations from me, the audience and my colleagues during the Theatre Festival in Braila

Ca in Every year I want to enjoy the event and the friendship, the public to be present at all enthusiastic performances and warm cum it I know, and colleagues to to come and see colleagues from other bands and to we spend beautiful evenings together!


3 objectives to achieve once the new post-festival season starts

I start the season with joy because we have a child in training, ah sorry, a show in preparation called "When the Child Appears" by André Roussin,  in directed by Laura Moldovan, scenography Raluca Polea. Start optimist and I hope to be healthy to you can profit as early as May much, May diverse and with beautiful people. For that craft this is done with a lot of love, the rest is...


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