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At the beginning of the new season, the Maria Filotti Theatre in Braila proved once again, with the new show "When the baby appears" that every woman has the right to choose. REVIEW + PHOTO GALLERY

At the beginning of the new season, the Maria Filotti Theatre in Braila proved once again, with the new show "When the baby appears" that every woman has the right to choose. REVIEW + PHOTO GALLERY

As subjective as it may sound, I've always believed that women have a greater dose of empathy, depth, reflection, when it comes to dealing with topics such as family relationships or motherhood.

Laura MoldovanHowever, the director, as she stated in the exclusive Daily Magazine interview, I was saying that he came to make a success in Braila, in the Maria Filotti Theatre, by putting on the artistic table controversial issues we face every day, about ourselves and others, addresses with the same note of reflection, intelligence and fine irony the themes of politics and political competence, and, moreover, the classic war between generations - between adaptation and traditionalism. Which makes her the complete director for a show that is timeless and aspatial in its themes.

What I liked about the new (avant)premiere presented by the theatre from Braila, When the baby appearsThe power of the book is that it has the power to break down, between the lines or directly, many prejudices and family and social labels that have been around for ages. And, personally, I can say that it also managed to break down a prejudice of my own - that of not always being able to carry a show that contains a lot of dialogue word for word to the end with equal interest. The dialogue in the BrailaBut it excites in that at each exit and entrance and change of the actors' outfits, it brings a new subject for discussion, treated seriously, intelligently, but not soberly, ironically, warmly and familiarly. 

I went to the show thinking that it would indeed be about the controversy surrounding the birth of a child. And I was very pleasantly surprised, that each woman in the show was expecting her own child, had her own story and vehemently dealt with the subject by making her own decisions. The topic of abortion is also very pressing in the show, and even though it's 2022, there are certainly still many who condemn abortion, which can be based on pertinent, real, medical reasons at times. But it's up to each woman's body, regardless of dogma or custom. Without a doubt, however, the birth of a child, as it is, or should be, is a joy for every family. And this is highlighted and accentuated both by the voice of conscience, present in the female voice towards the end of the play, and by the inner experience of each character. Because, in the same way, every woman has the right to be a mother at any age, above the voices of the world or her own fears. 

As for the cast of this show, it couldn't have been better chosen. It includes some of Maria Filotti's most experienced and accomplished actors. I remark, once again, with a big BRAVO that is deservedly due to 100% on merit, on Valentin Terenteaka Charles Jacquet, a dilemmatic father and husband, who faces strong existential, family and political crises, but manages to solve them all ....we won't tell you how, go to the theatre! Valentin Terente is a vocal actor in the most positive sense of the word. An actor who charms with an artistic power that almost seems familiar.

Ramona Gîngăaka Olympe JacquetValentin Terente's stage and life partner is his wife who is in the inner conflict of becoming a mother once again at the age of 50. The actress surprises us every time with her own scenic elegance and we rightly believe that she is one of the most striking artistic presences in the theatre of Braila. A beautiful scenic couple like a game of ping-pong are the actors originally from Braila, Adelin Ilie - Georges Jacquet, respectively Galați, Flavia Călin - Annie Jacquetthe Jacquet children. Each of them with their own life story, their own prejudices they face from others, their own decisions. Emilia Mocanu is Theresethe family maid, a presence full of salt and pepper. Veteran Dan Moldoveanu is Mr Jacguet, the grandfather of the family, who all his life wanted to be an actor, and whose score is worthy of a real actor. And I left behind the voice of conscience, Madeleine Lonant, Flori Popa, because she has a well-argued and moralistic presence in the show.

In short, go to the Theatre with open minds! Remember that it's easy to judge or comment on others, but it's more difficult to find your own solutions to your own life situations. We wish the show When Baby Appears the longest, most effective and nationally impactful stage life possible! Braila needed a strong show by a woman for women and we are glad we finally have it!  

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Tickets for the premiere on October 8, Sala Mare - Maria Filotti Theatre Braila can be purchased at here

At the end we leave you with a gallery of photos from the show.


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