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"In the rational search for true love" or how to make the right choices for a happy relationship

"In the rational search for true love" or how to make the right choices for a happy relationship

The perfect Valentine`s Day gift for your loved one or those in search of one comes from the doctor of psychology Ty Tashiro, the author who offers a new perspective and a fresh approach to dating in today's times.

 In his book, "In the rational search for true love. The science of happy and lasting relationships"recently published at Three Publishing House, in the collection Practical Psychology, he reviews studies and research data on romance and relationships. And, more importantly, how people make decisions when it comes to choosing a partner. He spells out why our decision-making skills seem to be failing today, when divorce rates are on the rise, and how we can make smarter choices. "This is not a personal development book that guarantees that following three simple steps will find your soulmate. Love is complex and personal, and a stranger cannot prescribe to you, an individual with unique characteristics, an exact recipe for a quality love life. Instead, my goal is to help you better understand your own version of a . And to give you the information you need to make wise decisions in choosing a partner", says the author who found that if people want and aim to live a happy and fulfilled life - not just together - how they choose their partners matters most.

With ingenuity and insight, using these studies, as well as real examples and stories from his case studies, Ty Tashiro debunks in the pages of the book many beliefs perpetuated by fairy tales and reference films on the subject. For example, that everyone has a "unique soul mate" who "just happens" or that love and meeting the person you love is a matter of fate, luck, chance. "Luck in love starts with conscious, not random, choices about the traits of your future partner." says Tashiro, explaining the science behind finding the right person through practical tips and exercises. These will help readers first and foremost to know themselves better and be able to realistically define their expectations and a list of qualities of their future partner.

He also points out that we only have 3 wishes to configure the portrait of the chosen one if we want to have a stable and happy relationship. Why only three desires and what they can be, depending on each person's personality and attachment style, why many people end up in unfulfilling relationships, how they can evaluate a potential partner's traits to avoid this, and most importantly, how people can make the best choices online, the author describes at length in the pages of book "In the rational search for true love. The science of happy and lasting relationships".

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On 20-26 February, on the occasion of a new edition of the "PSI Week", dedicated exclusively to couples and parenting, "In the rational search for true love" and other titles featured in the event will benefit from 20% discount in all Cărturești bookshops and on www.carturesti.roThose who want to find out more about the content of the book and the theme "How do you choose your partner?", presented by psychoanalyst Mirela Antonescu, can attend free of charge on Wednesday, February 22, from 19:00, at Cărturești Verona.

Ty Tashiro, PhD in psychology, an expert in interpersonal relations, has taught at the Universities of Maryland and Colorado, and is currently a speaker and writer in New York City. He has also published the book The art of adapting the maladjusted. He has been invited to speak at conferences at various prestigious corporations and universities, including the American Psychological Association conference, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Texas Society of Association Executives, and at the TEDx Nashvillewhere he gave lectures on the following topics An algorithm for happily ever after and Why We're Socially Awkward and Why That's Awesome.

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