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Uniter announces the organization of the preselection for the XXVI edition of the "Young Actor-Hop Gala"!

Uniter announces the organization of the preselection for the XXVI edition of the "Young Actor-Hop Gala"!

This year, the artistic direction of the HOP Gala will be provided by directors Alexandru Dabija and Leta Popescu. The theme of the 26th edition of the HOP Young Actor Gala is: PRESENCE OF THE ACTOR. The preselection for the Hop Gala will take place at the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre in Bucharest, Sala Media and will have 2 sessions, at the choice of the candidates: 9 - 11 May or 13 - 15 July 2023. The event is aimed at all actors who have graduated from university (undergraduate), aged up to 33 years.

This year we are looking at the relationship between the actor and the technical means, seeking a balance between the specificity of theatre and digital tools. The presence of technology in the theatre environment has been stronger in recent pandemic years which makes us draw the line and see how technology can enhance the actor's art, says Uniter.

For the pre-selection, those interested are invited to present a 3-5 minutes (individual section) and 10-15 minutes (group section, group composition will not exceed 10 participants).

The scenic moment must contain actors' use of technology: video cameras, telephones, microphones, projections, sound effects, light effects, etc..

Participants are free to decide whether to use text or create non-verbal moments, and if they choose text they have total freedom. The genre of the artistic moment (from performance to ancient monologue) is, again, up to the choice of the candidate. This year we are pursuing the actor's creative ability without any kind of restraint, challenging them to use technology to highlight their acting skills.

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Candidates must send to a curriculum vitae, a copy of their graduation diploma or certificate in the case of 2023 graduates, a photo (portrait, resolution 300 dpi) and the title of the exercise presented. If there are any technical requirements we can provide, please mention them. Please also specify the pre-selection session chosen.

Deadline for registration is 30 April 2023.

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