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EUROVISION 2023 MOLDOVA | OSOIANU SISTERS : "At the Eurovision Song Contest we are defined by our openness to new musical horizons, without giving up our cultural identity."

EUROVISION 2023 MOLDOVA | OSOIANU SISTERS : "At the Eurovision Song Contest we are defined by our openness to new musical horizons, without giving up our cultural identity."

Since 1980 they have been members of the folklore ensemble "Tălăncuța", led by Andrei Tamazlâcaru. In 1996 they became the holders of the Family Dynasties Festival Award. In 2003 they released the songs "DJ Vasile" and "Miorița" together with Zdob and Zdub. They were awarded the title of "Masters in Art" in 2010. They started collaborating with the singer Loredana Groza for the concert dedicated to the artist's 25th anniversary. Also, Osoianu Sisters collaborated with several orchestras, such as Nicolae Botgros' "Lautarii" orchestra. In 2019, they started collaborating with the band Subcarpați. In 2022, they collaborated with the artist Irina Rimes on the piece "Ielele".
Also in 2022, the Osoianu sisters together with Damian Drăghici were invited to the final of the 10th season of Vocea României, to sing with finalist Andra Botez, from Irina Rimes' team.

In 2023 Osoianu sisters are finalists in thel Eurovision Moldova National Selection, which will take place on 4 March and can be viewed live on Moldova 1. The representative of Moldova to the Liverpool, but until then we invite you to enjoy a new interview conducted exclusively by Daily Magazine and dedicated to the Eurovision 2023 National Selection in Moldova.


What does Eurovision mean to you?

      Eurovision for us is an opportunity to present through music, to audiences of different generations, both from us and from the global community, what represents us as a people, as a cultural identity. And it would also be an opportunity to meet other artists to enjoy diversity, to get to know each other and create intercultural connections.   


What defines you as artists? Describe yourself in 3 famous Eurovision songs.

       At this stage we are defined by our openness to new musical horizons, without giving up our cultural identity. It's very hard to choose just 3 tracks. But if we have to try, let's go through the list of the tracks: Alexander Rybak - Fairytale, Zdob and Zdub with the Advahov Brothers - Little Train, Nelly Ciobanu - Hora from Modova. 


What do you think differentiates you to be the artist representing Moldova in 2023?

      The public and the jury will decide, we have every confidence that the best contestant will go. All contestants are different and express their creativity in their own style, we will do it our way, as we have accustomed our audience over the years.


What is the story and message of your play?

      "Bade, Bădișor, Bădiță" is an archaic song that recreates the peasant atmosphere of a long time ago in the lands of Moldavia.

      The original music is written by composer Jonathan Alexandru, adapted to our vocal and interpretive style. The arrangement devised by Jonathan is made up of only traditional instruments, 16 in number, almost all of which were printed by Alexandru.

     The lyrics are written by folk singer and lyricist Elena Ionita, they describe the following story:

     "In a village of the old Moldavian forests, sits a proud girl with much longing, waiting for Bădișor, who left at dawn for the stable on the hill. And the proud one hurried to mourn, and she stayed a long time, but the Badii's sheaf did not move. For it was only the old Badișor who ate his bread with his own hands. Used for tilling the soil, but also for lifting the log. And he didn't hurry along the path, because his pride didn't crack, and he had wood to blow on. Whether it was a whistle or a bagpipe, or even a sheep's horn that warmed the Badișor, it was the horse with the hissing."




What details can you tell us about the national finals show?

      We are preparing and working intensively with the whole team we have with us. We let ourselves be inspired by those who know their job well and know the secret of good shows.


Favourite song from all the entries of Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest?

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      It's hard to name just one, believe us there have been so many good pieces over the years. It's really hard to name just one.



How do you urge the public to vote for you in the national final?

      We encourage the audience to listen and enjoy the music, and then make the choice with their heart.


What's next after Eurovision?

      And even after Eurovision, 2023 means a big tour in Romania with Alex Calancea's LUPII. We will promote the new album made in collaboration with LUPII and work on some new musical works.



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