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EUROVISION 2023 MOLDOVA | NORDIKA : "We want to show the whole world that Moldova can also make rock, quality music!"

EUROVISION 2023 MOLDOVA | NORDIKA : "We want to show the whole world that Moldova can also make rock, quality music!"

Surprising and non-conformist, the band members Nordika relies on rock this year in the Eurovision 2023 National Final in the Republic of Moldova.

The band Nordika, consisting of Ghirba Iana - lead vocals and keyboards, Ruslan Taranu - vocals and guitar, Vladimir Stavinschii - bass guitar and Anatolii Mirocinic - Percussion was founded in 2019 in Chisinau, they approach the metal-dance-progressive style and offer us a piece about the moving and transforming love.

Today we talk to the band's lead singer, Iana, obviously about Eurovision in a new interview dedicated to the Eurovision 2023 Moldova National Selection.


What does Eurovision mean to you?

The Eurovision Song Contest is an opportunity to promote yourself, to be seen and heard!

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What defines you as an artist? Describe yourself in 3 famous Eurovision songs.

I am passionate about rock music and especially metal. This music made me discover myself and let my emotions run wild! I am full of energy and I bring out all my inner feelings, from whispering to... "howling"! 
The color black, metal accessories, tattoos, extravagant things - they define me.
Famous ESC songs I can describe myself by would be "Zitti E Buoni" Maneskin and "Hard Rock Hallelujah" Lordi
What do you think differentiates you to be the artist representing Moldova in 2023?
We are a progressive dance metal band with a more unusual style, a bit unusual for Moldova. The music is dramatic, diverse, maybe even aggressive, which creates an incendiary atmosphere on stage!
Rock has always aroused strong emotions in people's hearts, that's why it would be great to represent Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest!
What is the story and message of your play?
The play "Cursed and Dejected" has a deeper message full of metaphors and everyone can treat it differently, through the prism of their own experiences. But it is certain that love, like a fire, can both warm you and burn you. In the play we can see how the character is consumed by love, but tries to find himself, to break down the walls, wants to love again and dreams with hope of tomorrow... saying: you will find me everywhere, I am the light bringer in your dreams...
What details can you reveal about the national finals show?
On stage will be the band and back vocal.
It will be a "hot and extravagant performance.
Favourite song from all the entries of Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest?
I don't have a favourite piece, but I liked and appreciate the performance of artist Serj Ialovitski from Sunstroke Project. He is an artist with attitude, style and a great manner.
How do you urge the public to vote for you in the national final?
If the audience appreciates the song and the performance, if they like this style of music, we encourage them to vote so that it can be heard by the whole world.
What's next after Eurovision?
After ESC we will of course work harder. At the moment we have a set of 14 songs with which we want to go live at festivals, concerts, to heat up the atmosphere and show the whole world that in Moldova they also make rock, they make quality music!


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