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EUROVISION 2023 MOLDOVA | DONIA: "I feel that I have gathered inside me so much love for music and the time has come to give it away."

EUROVISION 2023 MOLDOVA | DONIA: "I feel that I have gathered inside me so much love for music and the time has come to give it away."

Doina Spătaru, finalist of the Moldova National Selection, comes from Chisinau, being one of the most ambitious soloists in the industry and managing to make a name for herself in Moldova, being highly sought after by music producers.
Doina started singing at the age of 3, her father having enrolled her in a music school. She later studied music pedagogy and jazz-light music composition. She attended the first two years of Conservatory in Iasi, and the last two years at the Conservatory in Bucharest, in the Composition, Jazz and Light Music section.
Her performance helped her to become the new saxophonist of Holograf, playing with the band members in Dan Bittman's birthday show and at Sala Palatului.
He has a lot of offers and show appearances that he doesn't want to turn down unless there's more than one on the same day. She wants to start writing for herself and other performers.
In 2023, Donia, his stage name, wants to represent Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest with a sexy song, a message of love and a charming presence. We'll meet her live in the final on March 4!

What does Eurovision mean to you?

It's a step in my career, a new one, when I have the courage to come out with a piece of my own! I feel like I've gathered so much love for music inside of me and it's time to give that away. To go beyond my limits, beyond my comfort, to expose my work of so many years and enjoy the process! It is a blessing and a joy to participate in Eurovision, although I have faced many obstacles on my way to this new opportunity!

What defines you as an artist? Describe yourself in 3 famous Eurovision songs.

I don't like to talk about myself, even though I know in my heart that I have a lot of experience as an artist! The voice and the saxophone are 2 instruments through which I express myself, but the basis is the experience, what I transmit through them! Wherever I go to play, I love to see people enjoying themselves, that's the main goal! To make them forget their worries and routine! Music makes our lives beautiful! I'm happy and grateful to be a part of it! 3 songs that represent me as personality, will, dynamics, musicality are: Helena Paparizou - My number One, Ruslana - Wild dances and as sensitivity - Salvador Sobral - Amar Pelos Dois.

What do you think differentiates you to be the artist representing Moldova in 2023?

Again I say I don't like to brag, how well I position myself and why I should go as a representative, plus I don't like to compare myself to others! I appreciate all the participants, we all have our own way! The only thing I can say, I do my best and persistence to be at the top level! I feel that this has been my calling, here on earth, to sing, for as many people as possible! It sounds trite or cliché, but this is how I recharge my energy, my soul, I can say it's the oxygen I breathe! Music is the easiest way to express myself!

What is the story and message of your play?

The song I came to Eurovision with is about human relationships that are deteriorating day by day. I wrote it with my colleague Andrei Robert Niculaie, who is part of the project, at the time when the war between Russia and Ukraine started! The play is not about politics, and it's not about war! It's about how we came to treat each other. How long we put up with nothing! We often don't even empathize with the people around us, we forget to be human! It's a play about waking up, waking up, we've reached this red zone "Red Zone" and it's time to make some major changes, be more forgiving and give more love, for the good of all!

What details can you reveal about the national finals show?

I don't know what the show will be like at the moment either! I'm working on it! I will definitely not keep the stand, I will bring the saxophone on stage, I will also bring instrumentalists, my colleagues, and I think I will try to bring the message of the song through this "show".

Favourite song from all the entries of Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest?

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Favourite Eurovision song, I know it sounds weird, but it's my song! I'm smiling as I write this! I put so much energy into it, it's like my child that I'm raising, that's probably why I see it the most beautiful! Excuse my modesty!

How do you urge the public to vote for you in the national final?

If I've won you over with my piece, I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd support me with a vote! It's the greatest thing, the most direct way for viewers to show their appreciation, their audience's gratitude! That's how I know my play has touched your soul! I thank you in advance for that too!

What's next after Eurovision?

After Eurovision, I will continue my way, composing songs, this year is my year, when I have the courage, I say again, to open up, when I come with my own personality and music! I'm getting my momentum!

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