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New TV channel Kanal D2 prepares its launch with successful shows and new series

New TV channel Kanal D2 prepares its launch with successful shows and new series

Kanal D2, the new TV station in Dogan Media International's portfolio, is preparing to air its eighth season of "Bravo, you've got style!" from 2 April. And since it won't be long before those in front of their small screens will be able to follow the offerings of this generalist TV station, here are a few revelations from its programming grid.

 "Bravo, you've got style!"the phenomenal reality show, is poised to take audiences by storm with its eighth season, set to begin on April 2the 19:00the Kanal D2, with a special edition.

Educating the tastes of a large and diverse audience, generating huge communities of fans, and launching generations of TV influencers and stars, the show has established itself as a trendsetter in TV formats, as well as a style benchmark for contestants and millions of viewers on the small screen and social media.

            In the season that will start with a special edition on April 2nd on Kanal D2, Alexandru Abagiu, the famous make-up artist, joins Ralucă Bădulescu and Maurice Muteanu, the two members of the jury, appreciated over the years for their inspiring presence. The eighth season of "Bravo, ai stile!" will bring to the fore another extremely important aspect of the industry, an essential aspect in defining a personal style, through the expertise of make-up specialist Alexandru Abagiu.  

"I am honoured by the invitation to be part of this project, I am looking <Bravoai style!> since the first edition of the show, both from the perspective of a simple viewer and from the perspective of the professional who tries to stay anchored in the reality in which he works and take its pulse. I'm very happy to be at the Jury table <Bravoai style!> and I want to see the new generation of competitors, understand their milestones, observe their aesthetics more closely and be surprised and intrigued. And because my role on the show is primarily an educational one, I want to put all the information I've had the chance to accumulate over these many years of experience on the table. I think it will be a very fresh new season, with enormous potential in shaping the next wave of fashion and beauty influencers and opinion makers.", said Alexandru Abagiu

From April 2, at 19:00, on Kanal D2, a new generation of contestants, still unknown to the general public, will delight viewers with their stylistic choices

Cinemondo will be a foreign series section, a varied offer of exciting stories, specially chosen for Kanal D2, in Day Time, which will be available to watch from Monday to Friday at 15:00, starting April 3. Fresh, internationally award-winning productions will soon invite viewers on a journey where they can discover multiple perspectives of different cultures and geographical spaces.

Among the series to be broadcast on Kanal D2 from 15:00 are "Yanxi, the Palace of Sighs" (original title: "The Story of The Palace Yanxy") and "Silent Road" (original title: "Silent Road"), two interesting productions, an alternative for lovers of the genre.

Set in Imperial China during the reign of Emperor Quian Long (early 18th century), "Yanxi, Palace of Sighs" tells the story of a young woman searching for the truth about her sister's death. To unravel the riddle, the woman enters the emperor's harem as a servant. Here she will learn important lessons about love, loyalty and sacrifice. The production is grandiose in its sets, special costumes and atmosphere, like a real journey through time and space in early 18th century China.

The production made in China in 2018 received 31 international awards.

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Another series that will soon captivate Romanians, on Kanal D2, on the Cinemondo time slot, is "The Silence Road". In a strong and wealthy community in Athens, where people's lives seem to go on without major events, the disappearance of a school bus with all its pupils puts the whole country on edge. A police investigation is launched, and the pieces of a shocking puzzle, which stuns from episode to episode, will keep those in front of the small screens breathless.

Released in 2021 in Greece, The Road to Silence is a combination of drama and mystery, with a strong plot and twists typical of the crime genre.

Kanal D2 is preparing a series of surprises for viewers, we will be back with more information about the content of the new TV channel of the Dogan Media International group, which will be broadcast from April 2 at 19:00.

 We want to bring the small screen to Kanal D2, a heterogeneous, active, dynamic audience, to whom we will offer diversity, fresh content in our own approach, as we are used to. After 16 years of Kanal D, we thank both our viewers and our partners, they have inspired us to be better at what we do every day, said Ugur Yesil, CEO and Executive Board Member Kanal D.

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