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Top 10 Most Beautiful French Roses

Top 10 Most Beautiful French Roses

France is famous for many things, such as historic architecture, the iconic Eiffel Tower, delicious food, the source of the most delicate perfumes and of course for Paris, the city of love. In addition, France is known as the home of the most beautiful native flowers. Roses are among the most popular flowers in France and are a staple of French culture thanks to Empress Joséphine (1763-1814), the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte who loved gardening.

Fascinated by botany, Josephine collected and planted exotic plants from around the world in her garden. For the first time in the garden of her Château de Malmaison home, she grew around 200 new species of flowers, including purple magnolia, peony, hibiscus, camellia and dahlia.

But more than anything, Josephine had a particular passion for roses, so she created the largest rose garden ever known in Europe (at the time). She wanted her garden to have every rose known to the world and so she ended up with up to 500 different varieties. Her rose garden popularised rose breeding throughout France, inspired generations and countless rose gardens around the world.

In France there are two distinct varieties of roses:

"France"- a hybrid tea rose grown in France. The first hybrid tea roses were created in France in 1867 by crossing large Hybrid Perpetuals with tea roses. This marked the beginning of the "Modern Rose" era. All species that existed before 1867 are considered antique or "old garden roses".

French rose - In 1815, Josephine cultivated the French rose, also known as the Welsh rose or the Provin rose. It is a species of flowering plant in the rose family, native to southern and central Europe and one of the first rose species cultivated in central Europe. Often referred to as the queen of flowers, the rose flower is simply stunning. Red is the most common colour, but can also be found in shades of pink, white, purple and yellow.

Rose specialists from FamousRoses have put together a top list of the most beautiful French roses worth having in your garden.


Hallelujah is a spectacular rose from the Delbard family, created in the 1980s when bouquets of flowers given from the heart were the most beautiful declaration of love. Alleluia has large, elegant, particularly delicate flowers. This magnificent rose has a very long bud that turns into an elegant and generous bloom in two colours: crimson red on top of the petal and silver with reflections of pink underneath. Like any special variety, it has a spectacular bloom that will surprise you all season long. International juries have also been impressed, with Alleluia receiving 3 medals in international competitions.


The RED period of the trandaphirist movement is represented by the romantic work of the House of Meilland Richardier, entirely dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci. A lively, velvety, lightly perfumed creation with a lush appearance that promises to be the piece du resistance in any floral art gallery hosted by any art lover who knows how to appreciate a masterpiece rose.

Painted in a vibrant gooseberry red, the flowers in the Leonardo da Vinci Network seem to stay forever, for this rose is given to bloom so often that it is said to have a permanent bloom. The diameter of the flowers is about 6-8 cm and each bloom has over 90 petals, so a rich, abundant, long-lasting presence. Due to the multitude of well branched side branches its crown is dense, compact and full.


From now on, warmth, distinction and nobility will be ensured in the garden by the pastel shades of yellow and orange with coral reflections of this masterpiece rose, a successful creation by Georges Delbard. Paul Gauguin is a superb floribunda rose with large, romantic flowers and good disease-resistant growth that can reach heights of 90-100cm at maturity. From May until frost, this gorgeous rose will delight your eye with every bloom.

  1. Bourbon Rose

Bourbon Rose is a garden rose known for its unique heritage. It is also a hybrid, a symbol of regal elegance and is susceptible to mildew and mold. These beautiful roses were first introduced to France in 1820 by Henri Antoine Jacques and originated on Bourbon Island in the Indian Ocean. They are fragrant and come in a range of shades including deep red and perfect pink, light red and pure white.


Delbard House presents Henri Matissea beautiful rose with vigorous flowers, as if out of a fairy tale. Henri Matisse surprises with its abundant and repeated flowering and explosion of colour. It has elegant, colourful flowers in shades of red, pink and white and is a delight in any garden. Henri Matisse is a rose with healthy, shiny, dark green growth that can reach heights of 80-100 cm at maturity.

  1. Victor Hugo

The Victor Hugo rose is another wonderful variety of Grandiflora hybrid tea rose. It has intense carmine flowers that bloom from late spring to mid-autumn. Each stem bears about 5 gorgeous flowers, ideal for arrangements. This rose is prized not only for its intense colour, but also for its woody and slightly spicy fragrance. Prefers full sun, moist, well-drained soil. Reaches a height of 100 cm. Cutting is essential in spring and winter to encourage repeated growth and flowering.

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Meilland Richardier House offers Prince Gardener, a blue-blooded rose, but with a delicate pale cream colour with a pink centre. This prince of gardens, crowned with large flowers of about 80 petals, bearing a strong rosy fragrance, is by no means a sensitive prince although it is an extremely romantic creature. On the contrary, it is a healthy and strong rose with excellent disease resistance. And like any rose with a regal air, it has been decorated many times in international competitions. It won the Perfume Prize in Buenos Aires, the 1st prize of the Producers, the 1st prize of the National Horticultural Society of France, the Silver Medal for large flowers in Baden-Baden, and the prestigious ADR. Its flowers are 13 cm in diameter and reach a height of 80-130 cm.


The House of Meilland Richardier offers a climbing rose reminiscent of Pierre de Ronsard, with its classic rose-shaped bloom, crimson red colour and medium fragrance. If you want a French garden, the rose Eric Tabarly is the perfect choice. It also has good disease resistance and generous flowering. At maturity it reaches 2m+ tall and its giant flowers have about 100 petals. A magnificent rose that has also been noticed by international juries, awarded 2 medals for its outstanding qualities.


Roses, whatever their colour, convey the same sincere love to all who come close to smell them. Rose growers around the world believe exactly that. In the myriad shades through which love can be declared. This is how new creations, new shapes, new colours emerge through which feelings can be shared. That's how Andre Le Notre, one of Meilland Richardier's successful creations, which combines rich inflorescence, very good disease resistance, strong rose and fruit fragrance and a pale pink colour. Its foliage is very dense, medium green, semi-matte. Andre Le Notre won the gold medal in Rome and Courtrai and the perfume prize in Geneva, Madrid, Monza and Barcelona. The flowers of this magnificent rose have about 60/65 petals and a diameter of 12 cm. It is indeed a spectacular rose with repeated flowering throughout the season, from May until the first frost. At maturity it can reach heights of up to 3 m.


Welcome is a beautiful semi-hardy rose created by the great Delbard, with spectacular pink flowers, very delicate and with a special shape, with slightly creped petals. The flowers have an intense lemon fragrance in the centre of the bloom, and towards the outside of the bloom you can smell a light ivy fragrance. This rose has a high growth rate and can reach heights of 1.5 to 2 m when mature. It flowers repeatedly throughout the season and has a very high resistance to disease. A spectacular international competition medal-winning rose that can truly be a garden showpiece.

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