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EUROVISION 2023 | LORD OF THE LOST - GERMANY : "What's most important to us is our freedom in creativity and expression."

EUROVISION 2023 | LORD OF THE LOST - GERMANY : "What's most important to us is our freedom in creativity and expression."

Lord of the Lost is a German industrial metal band from Hamburg, formed by singer and frontman Chris Harms. They are set to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with the song "Blood & Glitter„.

Lord of the Lost was founded in mid-2007 by Chris Harms While working on the initial songs and publishing them on MySpace, Harms received a lot of positive reception and realized that he would require a full band to play them live. He recruited other musicians from his friends in the Hamburg music scene to form the band and begin working on the first album.[3] Harms originally called the project Lord, but changed the name of the band to Lord of the Lost to avoid possible name disputes with Lordi and The Lords.

Lord of the Lost produces music across several genres including heavy metal and glam rock-influenced dark rock, industrial music, and classical music. In interviews with the magazine Orkus and the website Subexistance, Chris Harms has cited bands and musicians such as Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga as some of the many performers that he listens to and is influenced by.

Today, Daily Magazine has the chance to know and to present more about the dark mystery of this rock band that is ready to set the ESC stage from Liverpool on fire this year. 


What does the Eurovision competition really mean to you?

For us as a band, that never really tried to fit in, ever-changing in sound and visuals, far from any mainstream and therefore really niche, it is the perfect moment to show, that we are a perfect match for the diversity, that the Eurovision Song Contest is celebrating. Apart from that, it is the biggest music event, that there is. I don't think I have to explain, why that is of important for a band or any artist in general, that get to participate.


What defines you as an artist? And how can you describe yourself in 3 Eurovision songs?

We're defined by our creed, which ultimately is to always be authentic and not bend to the will of others, if we don't really like it. What's most important to us is our freedom in creativity and expression. And that boxes are something, that others put you into, but never you yourself.

And without meaning that in a disrespectful way, but I think only our own music can define us, just as the songs of any great artist that has performed at Eurovision defines them.


What are your best daily motivations as an artist in ESC?

The best daily motivation really is, that we are able to do what we love. Each day, and that we're therefore very privileged.


What is the story and the message of your song and how much do you find yourself in the song?

"Blood & Glitter" is a song that is meant to empower yourself in embracing your inner contrasts. That they're not something that is supposed to hold you back, but to push yourself into what you truly are. Because ultimately it is, and should always be, one's own choice, how one defines oneself, "What we are is but a choice", as it is said in the song.


What details can you give us regarding your show on the stage?

Think ESC Prelims, but BIGGER.


If you could make a duet or a revamp, what artist and song from ESC would you choose and what would you add?

I don't think that we are entitled to change anything about a song, that already participated or will participate. We don't have that amount of audacity. But in terms of duets, I'd really love to see a collaboration with us and Käärijä.


What song of the other chosen do you like the most?

"Cha Cha Cha" by Käärijä.

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Why should people vote for you in Eurovision Song Contest?

For no other reason than liking our song and performance the most. That's what this competition is about. In the end, it should come down to personal taste, not political sympathy. It is a question of "Which artist and performance do you like most?".


What will be next after Eurovision?

Our touring schedule is already very heavily booked. We're invited (again!) as a special guest for Iron Maiden, so we're going back to the UK this summer with them, we're playing a lot of the biggest Metal Festivals there are, like WACKEN and HELLFEST and will have more shows around Europe this year.


For the end, share a message to all your European fans and to Daily Magazine readers!

Vote for what you like best and remember: Tolerance is not a one-way-street!



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